4 Tiers to Holiday Cheer

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For many of us, it gets tricky to stay on track this time of year...you aren't alone. But if the list of stresses is adding up, be sure to check yourself before you wreck yourself! Enjoy what should be a time of relaxation, health and happiness with friends and family, instead of going into a downward spiral. 

Here are a few tips and tricks that will keep your inner light shining:

1) DON'T HATE, MEDITATE. Center your mind and body while fostering happy thoughts! Take things down a notch and get to know your inner self. A stronger internal understanding will give you the ability to act with a cool, calm confidence. Take these meditative exercises for a test run!

2) WRITE IT OFF. There’s a special kind of power that comes with putting pretty pen to paper. Pick up a fresh Moleskin and Le Pen (personal faves) and reflect. Recall the last time you found it tough contain your sparkling smile. Gently break down your bummer moments and you just might find that solution you're looking for. Studies have shown that students who practiced positive writing experienced fewer illnesses, better moods, and made fewer visits to the health center after just three days of happy journaling. 

3) PLAY ON, PLAYER. Don't forget to pencil in some time for yourself and enjoy a little silliness. Do things that make you feel like a kid again. Not enough hours in the day? False...you can take a breather. When you get back in work mode you'll feel rejuvenated and more efficient than ever. 

4) PUSH THE RESTART BUTTON. When you get overwhelmed, train yourself to stop and recall some of life's little joys. Keep those endorphins in check! As mentioned, it's therapeutic to write out your woes. At the same time, jotting down some uplifting ideas can enlighten your overall thought process. Jumpstart a brighter outlook by looking at life through a more optimistic lens. Here comes the sun!

Find your joy, take risks and embrace adventure. Your vibe attracts your tribe. Do your best to radiate positive energy, and you’ll likely receive it right back! Cheers to being busy, happy and healthy throughout the holiday season and beyond!


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