5 Reasons Why January Resolutions Are "So Last Year"

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Halloween is a fun, playful and energetic extravaganza, no doubt about it. And not to go all Debbie Downer but, for many of us, October 31st also marks the official start date for a health and wellness hiatus each year. There's nothing wrong with "cheat days", or an occasional splurge (we're only human, after all). That being said, why let your hard work go to waste, backtrack on your physical journey, and succumb to the overplayed proclamation that everything's cool so long as you get you get your act together come January 1st?

Before I go any further I would like to reiterate that bhh isn't about pressure or judgment but, rather, encouragement. The majority of New Year's resolutions made are related to food, fitness and self-improvement. There's a reason for that! We go into the holiday season feeling all holly jolly, but in adopting unhealthy habits that drastically stray from our typical routines, our minds and bodies get thrown off, taking a toll on our overall state of wellbeing. 

Studies show that approximately 80% of New Year's resolutions fail which, let's face it, isn't a super fun statistic. It also got us thinking...maybe we should mix things up and avoid the post-holiday guilt by kicking off the month on a high-note! 

Here are a few reasons why we've decided not to wait 'til next year to become our best selves, and make #NovemberResolutions instead:

  1. Putting too much pressure on yourself and setting unrealistic goals is a surefire recipe for failure. That's why we're taking a cue from Queen Bey and saying "middle fingers up, put them hands high" to the fad of turning your life around at the most hectic time of the year, just because everybody else is doing it. You aren't a follower, you are a leader - mix things up a bit! 
  2. Signing up for a gym membership, or making your grand reentrance, the first week of January is not only a bit cliché, but it's also incredibly annoying! You will be stampeded by others looking to do the same. Who wants to wait an hour for a turn on the eliptical or have the classes you used to be a regular at booked up or overcrowded? Most likely you will leave feeling more stressed out than you were walking in, and that pretty much defeats the purpose of going in the first place. 
  3. You know that feeling of returning to work on January 2nd? It's basically the worst. Why add to that stress by having to simultaneously start a whole new health and fitness plan? For most of us busy people, Q4 is when workload is at it's lightest. This allows more time to focus on YOU, instead of stress at the office. 
  4. If you dedicate this month to clean eating and commit to a reasonable fitness plan, come Thanksgiving you won't even want to go overboard. Your mind and body will be at their best, you'll have full control over your cravings, and indulging in a minimal way will be more than enough to satisfy. Plus you'll avoid the L-Tryptophan induced turkey coma, and be the last one standing! 
  5. You'll look damn good at your holiday parties and won't have to worry about being the drunk one in the room. You know you want to impress in that little black dress, or stand out in your custom tailored suit. By focusing on your health and wellbeing this month, you'll feel great about your body and in cutting down on alcohol, a drink or two will do the trick! We aren't saying don't partake in the festivities, just keep it classy and be able to laugh at all your friends who acted a fool the next day. 

We've kicked off our first group challenge, Your Healthiest Venture. It's a 21-day live coaching experience and group cleanse, which started TODAY! You can still SIGN UP HERE, but Tuesday, November 1st is the final day to do so because our first group health coaching session is on Wednesday, which you won't want to miss out on. 

Finally, for the organic cherry to top it all off, be sure to enter participate in our #NovemberResolutions campaign for a chance to get free One-On-One Coaching (valued at $350). CLICK HERE for the deets!

Happy healthy holidays to you all! Let's do this.

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