5 Ways to Fight the 4pm Slump

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It’s four o’clock and you suddenly realize you simply cannot go on if you don’t have one of your favorite guilty pleasures: a chewy chocolate chip cookie from the corner store or a bag of crunchy kettle chips. We’ve all been there. Late afternoon cravings can be hard to conquer, but don't give up on your health plan for a quick fix - it ain't worth it. Here are a few tips to keep cravings at bay: 

Know What Your Body Needs: Are You Really Hungry?

First things first: drink a glass of water. All too often we forget to hydrate and easily mistake being ravenous for a much-needed glass of H2O. Sip up, wait a few, then re-evaluate. Mid-day at the office can be tough and stress has a sneaky way of confusing your stomach so just try and stick to a consistent schedule. At the same time, don't deprive yourself...this will only encourage binging later on. There is nothing wrong with eating small bites throughout the day - we all have different metabolisms and our bodies function in unique ways. 

Keep Healthy Snacks on Hand

If the answer to the above is yes (after you have that glass, or three, of water), reach for a nutritious desk drawer snack that will boost your energy help you power through! Justin’s Almond Butter squeeze packs are delish, spread over a few crisp apples slices or Mary’s Gone Crackers, if you crave a little crunch. If you love a good bar, Health Warrior has some nutritious and low-sugar options — the coffee chia bar is a must-try.

Try an At-Desk Stretch or Walk

Sometimes we simply need to move. Sitting at a desk cranks out our bodies to the extreme. A quick walk around the block or a few spinal rotations can be the perfect way to put a little pep in your step and sharpen the mind. Give it a try, sometimes it’s an endorphin-releasing stroll, instead of a cinnamon roll, that your body needs. Keep that blood flowing!

Visualize Your Inner Health Warrior

What do you look and feel like at your best, when you are treating your body right - eating clean and keeping active? Close your eyes and remember the last time you felt equal parts empowered and energized. Pat yourself on the back for being a problem-solving, kick-ass task conquerer, and focus your energy on being happy and healthy rather than gobbling down a Hershey bar. 

It's OK to Give In

All this said, sometimes you just need to treat yourself and indulge. A little bit of rich, dark chocolate sometimes is the boost that keeps your creative juices flowing and fingers furiously typing. Fine & Raw chocolate has the little bars we like to nibble most, especially the almond chunky bar (you won’t be disappointed). 

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