9 Sweet Vday Recipes For Your Special Someone

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Vday is upon once again!  If you're time starved and totally zapped of creativity, we've put together a list of some sizzlin' vday recipes to make your #fitspiration swoon.  Enjoy the roundup! xx

Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free Goodies

I put together these 3 decadent, yet totally healthy desserts for my friends over at Barry's Bootcamp.  It's a great way to treat yo' self without sabotaging those hard earned gains.

Sweet Potato Brownies

If ooey, gooey brownies are more your speed, check out this recipe from Deliciously Ella.  They are no muss, no fuss, and big on flavor.  


Blood Orange Margaritas

Need a little something spicy to wash down all these sweet treats?!  Try this amazing blood orange margarita from the fabulous Plum Pie.

Baked Oysters

This recipe is super easy, but sounds extremely fancy and is a great way to score extra points.  Plus, oysters are a rumored aphrodisiac.  

Black Bean Burger

This bloat-banishing black bean burger from the clean program is delishly simple but also a great way to a vegans heart.  

Baked Fish With Butternut Squash Puree

If you're looking for a lighter option, fish is always a great way to go.  This fab recipe from Dr. Mark Hyman is light, but also sweet and warming.  

Chocolate Bark

When I say this recipe is easy, I mean easy.  It's only a few ingredients plus it features the goji berry aka the Wolfberry which the Chinese believe to be a powerful aphrodisiac.  

And there you have it folks!  Nine simple, healthy vday recipes that will knock your significant others socks (and hopefully more ; ) ) off.

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