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I don't know about you, but my life is always on-the-go.  And that can make eating clean a little challenging, especially since you wont find a gluten-free, paleo, vegan option on every corner.  

My days usually look something like this:

6am: up and out the door

7am: workout

8am: breakfast

8:30am-4:30pm MEETINGS 

4:30pm onwards work work work

So, when it comes to meals, they're usually happening between conversations, train rides and deliverables.  Running out to get breakfast, lunch and dinner is often a luxury I can't afford so I always come prepared.  But when you have several containers rolling around your carry-all (not to mention the sneakers, yoga mat, and workout clothes they're co-habitating with) it can all get a little messy.  So, I have a few trusty lunch boxes (they're not just for the kids anymore!) that I use as my go-to and one that I'm majorly coveting.  And they make meal-prep a cinch.  

Monbento: These red dot design winners are no joke.  Made from BPA-free materials that meet international health and safety guidelines, these good looking little guys also come in over 2mm color combinations.  They also come in various shapes, sizes and configurations allowing you to carry anything from soup to a steak dinner.  

The Prepd Pack: This one is absolutely on my holiday wish list!  It's the lunch box reimagined complete with perfectly portion controlled containers and a recipe app to boot. The seamless and beautiful design reads more like a table centerpiece than a carrying container.  They haven't officially launched yet, but you can check out their kickstarter and throw a little support their way.  

EcoLunchBoxes: My love affair with lunch boxes started with this environmentally conscious little disruptor.  All of their boxes are made from stainless steal and silicone eliminating much of the plastic we see with lunch boxes these days.  Their most popular three-in-one bento-style box is a shoe-in.  You can also purchase an exterior carrying case to really make it your own.  They really did think of everything.  

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