Decadent Chocolate Truffle Balls

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It's mother's day here in the US and to celebrate my fabulous, larger-than-life, wonderfully-loving mother, I made her these raw, vegan truffles.  

Every woman, well almost every woman, loves chocolate.  And we don't have to beat our selves up for loving it, because it can be pretty great for us!  Cacao beans contain natural chemicals called flavonoids.  Flavanoids are an antioxidant compound that promotes great health and can lower your risk of certain diseases.  Antioxidants are super important as they help to destroy free radicals within your tissues and cells.  Cacao also is rumored to have cardiovascular benefits as it has shown to reduce LDL, or bad cholesterol.  Are you sold yet?  I am.  Now let's make these delicious truffles, shall we?


2 tbs of coconut oil

12 dates, pitted and soaked in water

3 tbs of cacao powder


4 tbs of shredded coconut

2 tbs of cacao powder

Add your dates, coconut oil and 2 tbs of cacao to a high speed blender and blend until everything is smooth.  Scoop out the contents into a bowl and then roll about a tbs of the mixture into a ball.  Roll the balls in your chosen toppings until covered evenly. Place in the fridge until you're ready to serve.  #foodporn.


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