Healthy Happy Hour: Balancing Beauty, Brilliance and Booze

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When the little hand strikes 5:30 PM and you’re officially "off the clock" after a long day at the office, the odds of a coworker or friend suggesting that well-earned round of cocktails are high. Enter your personal dilemma: how to take part in the after hours revelry without putting your health goals (and waistline) at risk?

Don’t Mock the Mocktail: No one will ever know that there’s no vodka in that soda, with a splash of your favorite juice! Enjoy a refreshing spritzer, sans booze, knowing that during the next day’s water cooler chatter, you’ll be the radiant one with hydrated skin, as opposed to the colleague who got carried away. Not a good look. 

Try a Single Glass of Red: A nice pour of antioxidant rich red wine every once and a while never hurt anybody! In fact, according to some studies, the polyphenol filled beverage just might keep the doctors at bay (read more HERE).

Just Catch Them Next Time: Never be afraid to advocate for yourself, your body, and how you want to spend your time! A yoga class you’ve already paid for is the perfect post-work escape… and the inner bliss you’ll find just might compete with the fleeting happy hour smiles. Seriously, there's always next time -- put your needs first.

Ps. If you need some healthy at-home cocktail inspiration, check out these recipes


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