Healthy Thanksgiving Dessert: Baked Pears

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Let's be real here for a second.  Thanksgiving isn't a holiday synonymous with good food choices.  It's usually carb heavy and full of sugar and it can be really tough to say "no" to those insanely delicious pies.  So this year, come prepared by bringing your own healthy dessert.  I've got just the ticket with the baked pears.  

All you'll need is:

4 pears, cut in half with the center scooped out

1 cup of Anita's Coconut yogurt

1 cup of granola 

A dash of cinnamon 

A drizzle of honey

Coconut oil 


Grease a baking tray with coconut oil.  Cut the pears in half and scoop out the center.  Drizzle with cinnamon and honey and bake on 350 for 35-50 minutes—or until they're easily pierced with a fork.  Remove from the oven and allow to cool.

Once cooled, add a dollop of coconut yogurt to the center, top with granola and a drizzle more of the honey.  Serve and enjoy!


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