I've Got 99 Problems and Coconut Oil Fixed Like 86 of Them

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Coconut oil is pretty much nature's most magical elixir, and a healthy solution for just about, well, everything. From cooking, to healthcare to looking more beautiful than you already do, it has countless benefits. Here are just a handful of our favorite ways to use this good stuff:

1. ULTIMATE SKIN MOISTURIZER: Swap out your lavish (and likely expensive) lotions and start lathering your skin with coconut oil instead. It locks in moisture, and will leave your body feeling soft as can be. And you'll smell like summer! Everyone loves that. It is also great for your cuticles (say goodbye to hangnails), and can be used as aftershave as well...cleansing and closing your pores without clogging them! 

2. HAIR CARE OF ALL KINDS: De-frizz, mend dry, split ends or use as a moisturizing hair mask for soft, touchable and shiny hair. It can even act as a styling substitute if you want to use something to add definition to your layers without the stickiness. Also, if you happen to be dealing with an itchy scalp or frustrating dandruff, this should do the trick! 

3. CLEAN COOKING INGREDIENT: Coconut oil contains that healthy kind of fat that we all should be incorporating into our diets. It contains medium-chain saturated fatty acids (or MCFA's, for short) which is way better for you trans fat, which is linked to high cholesterol, heart problems, and even depression. It can serve as a substitute for eggs, butter, coffee creamer, you name it!

4. WEIGHT LOSS SUPPORT AND METABOLISM BOOSTER: Coconut oil is much easier to digest than its stepsister substitutes. It protects you from insulin resistance (so its also great for type 2 diabetes), and even boosts your metabolism, helping to trim your waistline!

5. ALL NATURAL BUG SPRAY: Cut out that chemical crap, and spray on some coconut oil to keep those pesky, bloodsucking mosquitoes off, the natural way! And, as mentioned, it also moisturizes your skin and smells just lovely. Win-win-win.

6. GEAR FOR A GLOWING COMPLEXION: Don't be fooled by the word "oil", because this stuff actually clears blemishes. Not only that but it eliminates spots and fine lines. Coconut oil will leave your face feeling soft and looking as bright and beautiful as can be! Makes for a great mask too. Oily skin? Mix with with a spoonful of apple cider vinegar. If you want to moisturize, combine with a bit of honey and almond milk, then apply! 

7. LOVE FOR YOUR LADY PARTS: It's kind of like giving your vagina a facial. Seriously, gals, if you haven't tried it...we definitely recommend. Keep things smooth, soft and feeling fresh down there! It's also a really great remedy for yeast infections. With antioxidants and several other incredible ingredients it'll help soothe and even heal these very annoying bacterial infections. 

8. LUSTFUL LASHES AND LIPS: Applying coconut oil to your eyelashes each night can make them grow longer (told you this stuff is practically a miracle). If you have sensitive eyes and like to avoid mascara, this is a better option than vaseline, which many women tend to use instead. Also, while you're at it gloss that pretty pout -- it'll get rid of chapped lips and leave them looking quite kissable. 

9. SILKY SMOOTH SHAVING CREAM SUBSTITUTE: Swap out the canned stuff for coconut oil, and you'll never go back. You're legs (or face, for the dudes) will be smoother than ever. And it doubles as aftershave and moisturizer, as mentioned, as well. 

10. ENERGY BOOSTER: If you are trying to cut out caffeine and/or sugar, swallow a tablespoon of coconut oil when you feel yourself getting snoozy. And guess what? You won't experience a crash like you will from a giant cookie or a cappuccino. 


We could go on for days about this chivalrous (and cheap) solution. Truly, this is hardly the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the countless benefits of coconut oil. If you don't have a jar of this at home, it's time to go out and get some! You can thank us later. ;)

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