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The work week can be manic.  It's filled with deadlines, early meetings, late meetings, conference calls, to-dos, redos, launches and the list goes on.  Making dinner is usually the last thing on our mind—but when you make it ridiculously simple, it's hard to say no.  Here are my sure-fire tips for meal prep magic.

Buy your favorite source of protein and cook it with a few different sauces/seasonings

I like to keep things simple and efficient, but I also love great flavors!  That's why I buy one source or protein and cook it three different ways.  To cut down on cooking time, just take a baking tray and separate with aluminum foil dividers, season your protein and pop in the oven.  

Freeze smoothies ahead of time

Muffin tins are good for way more than muffins!  I like to make a batch of smoothies for the whole week, pour them into the muffin tins and freeze the extras.  Then just keep the extras in the freezer until you're ready to use.  Then pop them in the blender with a dash of milk and voila!

Cook lots of veggies

Use the baking tray dividers again to cook multiples veggies a few different ways.  Veggies keep really well in the fridge so store them in glass jars or tupperware and toss into your favorite salads or as a great side dish.  

Chop up some raw veggies and keep them in the fridge

I like to make my own salad bar by chopping up tons of veggies and storing them in water for freshness.  Then I just pick and choose and add them to anything from omelets to salads.  

Make your grains and legumes in bulk

At the beginning of the week make a big batch of your favorite healthy grains such as quinoa, amaranth or black beans.  They make great additions to salads and quinoa bowls.  Toss a bay leaf in there to help keep them fresh over the next few days.  

Make a variety of sauces and dressings

Sauces and dressings change everything!  And they keep well in the fridge too.  Make a few different sauces and pour them into the muffin tin and freeze them until you're ready to use.  You can also make a variety of salad dressings and store them in glass jars to fancy up salads and veggie bowls.  

Prepare lots of protein snacks

Always be prepared with a healthy protein snack!  I like to bake a dozen eggs in the muffin tin at the beginning of the week.  Hardboiled (or baked) eggs make for a great breakfasts and on-the-go snacks and they keep well too!

Got any fun meal prep tips? Let us know in the comments section.  



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