Nine Ways to Avoid A Case of the Mondays

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Monday’s can be rough for any busy professional, let alone a rainy one like today!  When I started working for myself, I tried to rethink my approach to Mondays in an effort to shed my major Sunday anxiety.  I was able to shift not only my perspective, but also my actions to make Monday, get this, an exciting day of the week for me.  Here are a few tips to get you started on the same path:

1.     Schedule your favorite workout for first thing Monday morning: Yes, getting out of bed is hard, but if it’s for your favorite activity, you’ll show up for it.  Monday’s are usually my favorite spin class or HIIT class with a trainer I LOVE.  A good morning workout will also ensure you’re energized for the rest of the day.  Never schedule a workout you dread for Monday mornings.  It will make the start to the week even tougher. 

2.     Make your favorite protein packed breakfast: If I make protein waffles on Sunday, you better believe I’m saving some extra batter to make waffles on Monday.  If you don’t have time on Monday am, make them on Sunday and then just pop them in the toaster in the morning.  Starting your day with a meal that makes you smile is a big win!  And it doesn’t have to be an indulgence. 

3.     Schedule the meetings you’re most excited about: Granted, you can’t always control this, but occasionally your schedule will have a little wiggle room.  Try and have one meeting on Monday that you’re super excited about!  On Monday’s, I have a weekly check-in with some fellow wellness entrepreneurs.   It’s my absolute favorite meeting of the week where we get to talk about our challenges, success and share ideas for growth. 

4.     Make yourself a nice lunch: You can also go to your favorite café or takeout place, but the point is to allow yourself a meal that you look forward to and don’t eat at your desk. On Monday’s I usually have yummy Sunday leftovers and I take 20 minutes away from my desk and phone to really enjoy them. 

5.     Don’t make evening plans:  Having plans on a Monday night can make the week feel super long!  Save Mondays for a date with yourselfto do something you love…paint, catch up on your favorite show, read a book you’ve been wanting to read.  Whatever it is, do something that makes you feel restored and excited. 

6.     Plan ahead:  One way I like to avoid a Monday frenzy, is by getting ahead on a Friday or a Sunday.  I’ll look at my schedule for the following week, identify any deliverables or outputs, and I’ll make headway towards them.  Sometimes even simply looking at the schedule calms my nerves.  But if I go into Monday aware, versus surprised, I feel much less anxious. 

7.     Identify the problem: There was a time when I would drink half a bottle of wine on a Sunday night because I hated a project I was working on.  Overtime, I was able to transition away from it, and identify projects more in-keeping with my values and where I wanted to take my career.  Doing work you love makes Monday’s way better.  Trust.  Me. 

8.     Make a list of what you’re excited about: On Sunday night, jot down a few things you’re excited about in the week ahead.  That positive attitude will immediately shift your perspective from dread to excitement as you have a few things to look forward to.  If nothing comes to mind, start looking at where you can fold fun activities into your schedule.  It could be a workout, a new place for lunch, or meeting an old friend for coffee.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, elaborate or time consuming…just little pieces of joy throughout your week. 

9.     Try not to overschedule yourself: I’m queen of this and I found myself dreading the week ahead, even if it was filled with fun, because it was just too darn filled.  Make sure you have one night a week that it just for you, and don’t cram meetings into every conceivable minute of the day.  That will lead to burnout real fast. 


How do you turn Monday blues into Mond-yay?!  Share your tips in the comments box below.  

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