Pound the Pavement: Teamwork and The NYC Marathon Effect

Posted by Amina AlTai on

You didn’t have to be a runner (or even know someone participating) to get into the NYC Marathon this year. The energy surging through the city streets was palpable. Perfectly crisp autumn weather beckoned inspired people far and wide, who came out to join in on the athletic revelry or cheer on the flurry of fitness-focused individuals. 

Especially amidst all the divisive political turmoil in the city following the election, what resonated with us most that day (and now) was the overwhelming sense of unity it created-- a healthy reason to celebrate, come together, and feel motivated to achieve something personal, but also as a group, sharing the common goal of self-improvement. 

It was a most perfectly sporty reminder that we're stronger when we're united, encouraging each other with well-timed words of moral support. It's an often invoked cliché for a reason: team work makes the dream work. Right?! 

Whatever goal you set your mind to, rally your best support group. For those who've embarked on our 28 day cleanse, the overwhelming response has been that sharing the experience with fellow cleansers has kept everyone on track, laughing their way through cooking mishaps and snacking missteps (nobody's perfect, after all).

A common plight, passion for wellness, and desire for change binds us, inspires us, and keeps us heading back to the grocery store with our list of balanced eats to tote home. The group calls have been key, where we check in with one another, exchange tips, and laugh about what's been most difficult (like avoiding that post-election Ben & Jerry's binge, that's for sure). 

There's no better time than right now to remember that we're stronger when we embark on journeys together. The power of community, friendship, and positivity is what it's all about! 

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