Ramp Up Your Hair Game With These Gym-friendly Topknot Alternatives You Can Also Wear to the Office

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Time to ditch that overdone, unexciting topknot and try some cooler hairstyles that are quick, easy, way cuter than a boring bun and are also workplace appropriate. Show your locks a little love and experiment with a fitness-friendly hairdo (or two) that can keep up and stay put while you're getting your sweat on. Here are a few favorites that work for the gym, the office and beyond...

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This style isn't only for elementary schoolers, ladies! Double french braids are a great option for working out, if done right. If you have super long hair and your workout involves a lot of head swinging, wrap the ends together to form a low bun. Best part is, if you have post-gym plans and no time for a wash, just rinse off, untwist and apply some dry shampoo at your roots and you'll have pretty, loose waves. Add a little beach spray and be on your way! 


Hard to go wrong with a clean, classic ponytail, but you can certainly do a few things to spruce it up! With all the cute accessories around these days, find a wrap or headband that'll keep hair out of your face (especially for those of us with bangs). Take the bottom portion of your pony, swirl it around the hairband and bobby pin it in place for a sleeker, more put-together look. 


This style is chic, minimal and easy to accomplish. Just pull your hair back into a low pony, then separate down the middle and above the hairband. Flip the bottom portion through the part and repeat as needed (depending on your hair length). Seal the deal with a bobby pin or two, and you're good to go! 


A simple braid or two can make a world of difference, and there are multiple ways to accomplish this fitness-friendly style! Start with your hair down and take aside two pieces toward front, using a comb to create even parts, or your fingers for a messier, undone (but still sturdy) look. Pull back the remainder of your hair to keep it out of the way and then intertwine two braids that hold in all those annoying fly-aways. Undo the existing ponytail, and tie all three parts together as one! Or, if you happen to be a feisty french braider, part your hair down the side and take the front portion, close to your hairline and starting at the part, then braid your way around until you reach the back. From there, just tie it up into a ponytail or messy bun, and DONE.

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