Revamp Your Morning Routine: 10 Ways to Improve Your Day

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Let's all just agree that mornings are a drag. That said, taking some seriously simple steps can make a world of difference in preparing your mind, body and soul for a positive and productive day. Here are ten little tweaks you can make to your AM ritual (in about 10 mins) that'll get your blood pumping so you can hit the ground running, feeling fresh and thinking sharp!

  1. Put your alarm clock across the room, leaving you with no choice but to get out of bed and end the buzz. Hitting snooze on repeat will only make you more agitated in the end. Also, rather than waking up to a head-splitting ring, try a fun song here for some "rise and shine" suggestions!
  2. Let there be light! Open the blinds (and windows if it's nice out) so you can get some sunshine and fresh air as you begin to get ready. This is an automatic mood-booster after spending hours in the dark.
  3. Don't forget to stretch! After laying still all night, it is so important to get your circulation going. You'll find that even five minutes will make a difference! If you are crunched for time, stretch in the shower for the sake of efficiency (just don't slip and fall, please). Then, just before you hop out, crank the temperature way down for a split second and get hit with a refreshing, icy blast to boost your adrenaline.
  4. Take a minute to think about one realistic goal or act of kindness you want to accomplish that day. It can be anything from making an effort to chime in more than you usually would in a team brainstorm, trying out a new fitness class, or even just buying coffee for a coworker who did something nice for you! Write it down on a piece of paper and leave it on the table. It will put you in a more positive state of mind before you head out, and something to smile about when you get home later that evening and see the note, knowing you've succeeded! 
  5. Time your coffee maker so it's brewing when you wake up! Sip from a cute mug, but try and keep it to a minimum to avoid an early afternoon crash. Better yet, swap out your cup of joe for some fresh squeezed orange juice a few times per week, and exfoliate with a coffee scrub instead! Love this DIY recipe...easy to make, still has a caffeine kick, and your skin will look and feel amazing (great to eliminate puffiness)!
  6. Get some rosewater facial toner and keep it in the fridge! It will change your life. Spray it on after the shower or before applying makeup...the light, fresh scent and cool mist will uplift you in an almost magical way! 
  7. Don't just eat a healthy breakfast, but actually take the time to sit down and enjoy it! Try one of these signature Busy Happy Healthy Breakfast Bowls! They're easy to make, delicious and loaded with all kinds of wonderful nutrients. Try and make a habit of doing something enjoyable that eases your mind at the same time...whether it's sitting and reflecting, flipping through a magazine, or catching up on a few news articles. And stay off your phone! Technology will have it's turn later. 
  8. Crank up the tunes to a fun playlist! Make a mix filled with upbeat songs (personally recommend Beyoncé, maybe a little Madonna, or some Britney Spears throwbacks). And be sure to sing your heart out while picking an outfit and beautifying! If you are looking for some awesome natural products to try, definitely check these out
  9. Memorize your list of things to grab before leaving...don't forget your essentials! Know where your bag is, keep track of the keys, and double check for your cell phone, wallet, sunglasses, lip balm, and obviously your travel-sized rosewater spray before you run out the door.
  10. Don't be late. Give yourself enough time and avoid unnecessary stresses like missing an important meeting or making your deadline. Life's a whole lot better when you aren't frantically running to the train in heels or waiting on an Uber driver who's headed in the opposite direction and likely stopping to grab a bagel first. 

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