Staying Healthy While You Travel: My Top Picks For Road Warriors

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We all have to travel for work from time to time— some of us more than others.  One such fellow, my boyfriend and partner-in-crime, Stephen,  travels EVERY SINGLE WEEK.  This can be exhausting and really take it's toll on your body.  You have to work extra hard to stay healthy and happy.  In an effort to keep one of the most important people in my life as healthy as possible, I started packing him a wellness travel bag every week.  What's in it you ask?  Well, I'm glad you did!

1. A Brita water bottle: Staying hydrated, especially if you are flying all the time, is of the utmost importance.  Your body can't carry out any of it's activities without water.  Oftentimes we are so engrossed in our work we forget to drink, and that is a big no-no.  Dehydration can lead to headaches, poor performance and even over-eating.  So if you want to feel great and work well, drink water.  This bottle has a filter in the cap so you can get your water anywhere and be sure it's filtering out all the things you don't want in there.  

2. Daily Dose Vitamins: I love these single dose packets.  They come with a probiotic, vitamin D3 and a multi.  They are also produced under the highest standard of care so there are no nasty additives.  

3. A portable workout: Though most hotels have a gym, at the end of a long day you might not feel like going.  However, it's important to do some stretching or a light exercise.  The first wellness travel bag I put together for Stephen had a high-speed jump rope.  I printed out some exercise ideas for him and included it with the jump rope.  Even ten-minutes with that rope is a crazy-good workout.  

4. Protein powder: Hotel breakfasts are usually not that inspiring or healthy.  If all you have to choose from is powdered eggs or canned fruits loaded with sugar, take a few packets of protein powder with you.  You can mix it with milk at the breakfast table or even have it with water.  It's a great way to make sure you're fueling your cells and getting clean protein.  

5. Aloha Daily Good Powdered Green Juice Packets: You need your greens to stay healthy…. microgreens added as a garnish on a steak dinner do not count!  I love the Aloha packets because they are portable and can be added to your morning protein shake without muss or fuss. Each packet contains two servings of fruits and vegetables making it the perfect addition to your breakfast roster.    

6. A healthy eating guide: I got this idea from a fellow marketer and wellness warrior, Brad.  Using yelp and search engine results as my guide, I look for places that serve up green juices, organic grass fed meats, fresh organic produce, vegan options etc.  There is almost always a Whole Foods or health food store you can visit to stock up on snacks or even meals you can keep in the hotel fridge.  Be sure to stock up on healthy snacks before you head to the airport as airline food is notoriously unhealthy for you.  

7. A mindfulness practice: Whether you download headspace or you listen to Miles Neal on your beats app, I encourage you to do some exercise for the mind.  When you're traveling for work, you have a propensity to work even more than you do at home.  Your brain might be overworked and frazzled and the best gift you can give it, is some quiet time to be present.  

8. And lastly: We can't forget the skin.  Though hotels often have trial-sized products, they often aren't the best quality.  Additionally, your skin gets dryer when you fly, so you might need a heavy moisturizer than usual.  I love Clarins Beauty Flash Balm.  Stephen gets the Malin + Goetz Vitamin E moisturizer or the SPF 30 moisturizer.  For colder winter months, I stash Avene Cicalfate in the bag; it always does the trick.  

How do you stay well on the road?  Let us know in the comments section below.  

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