The One Beverage You Need To Drink Today For Amazing Health Benefits

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You might have heard of it already.  Or seen it's fabulous golden hue on popular wellness insta accounts.  But what is the deal with golden milk chai and is it really as amazing as everyone says?  Well, the short answer is YES.  

The reason this traditional Ayurvedic drink is having such a moment is thanks to it's anti-inflammatory properties which is gets from curcumin.  You may have heard of curcumin before.  It's the wonderful bio-available compound that gives curry it's yellow color.  But it also has a whole host of other benefits.  It dramatically increases the antioxidant capacity of the body, can boost brain function and eliminate aches and pains via it's anti-inflammatory properties.  So, it's a great substance to work into your diet.  You can take supplements of curcumin or you can work it into foods like golden milk chai.  My favorite golden milk recipe includes healthy fats and black pepper as they increase the absorption and bio-availability.  


1 cup organic coconut milk (if you use full fat coconut cream, you can skip the coconut oil)

1 tsp organic coconut oil 

1/2 tsp organic turmeric powder 

pinch of black pepper 

coconut palm sugar or coconut syrup

A dash of cinnamon and vanilla


In a sauce pan, warm up coconut milk, but do not boil.  Whisk in the turmeric, black pepper and cinnamon.  Once all the clumps are gone, whisk in the vanilla and coconut oil.  Strain and then add in the coconut sugar or syrup.  

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