The Unplugged Argument: Benefits of A 24 Hour Tech Detox

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As the leaves begin to change and New York air acquires its signature seasonal chill, press the reset button on mind, body, and your tech addiction. Don’t get us wrong, we like our coffee and morning scroll as much as anyone, but the fact that the phrase “digital detox” has made its way to our dictionaries makes it all too clear: we tend to overdo it.  Let’s be real, we’re not saying you have to go cold turkey, but we do have a few ways you can cut back on the screen time and enjoy a reality that isn’t virtual. 

Use an Alarm Clock

Rather than sleeping with your iPhone tucked under your pillow, try a chic alarm clock to get you out of bed in the morning (we like this little one from Anthropologie). Your cell is actually keeping you from getting those well-deserved zzz’s. Harvard Medical Studies have shown that resting next to your favorite device actually disrupts the body’s production of melatonin AND negatively affects the quality of your rest.

Live in the Moment

When you decide to not be that girl with her cell phone resting right next to her dinner plate, there’s no telling what you might discover. Sometimes it’s the actual unfiltered view that’s the most rewarding and memorable. Really listen to the people you’re with, enjoy the subtle flavor of your food instead of photographing it, and realize that there are few texts that actually require immediate response.

Rediscover your Passions

Instead of tapping and typing all day or experiencing life through a lens, put the phone down and take in your surroundings! Spend time doing what it is you love. With your hands phone-free, you can easily pick up a book by your favorite author, grab the instrument you put down years ago, or even start that short story you’ve always wanted to write. Who knows what passions you’ll reignite if you give it a whirl. 

This fall, we challenge you to try 24 hours without your phone one weekend to see what how different it feels. "Force" yourself to experience life without social distractions and media mania. Give it a try and report back to us! 

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