Time-Saving, Sanity-Stabilizing Services to Keep You Happy and Healthy

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New York City: The crazy place we all know and love, with an energy so strong it's almost tangible. It's has been labeled as "the city that never sleeps". But here's the thing...we actually need to sleep. 

Basically everyone who lives in the Big Apple has a busy (very busy) lifestyle. So in order to stay sane, we must to focus some of that energy on staying happy and healthy as well! Thankfully there are plenty of resources and services out there to help us conquer the chaos and eliminate those unnecessary stresses. Consider these investments in preserving your mental health! Here are some time-saving, panic-reducing companies and apps that were created to keep you in your "happy place":


A very convenient service that was created to accommodate busy people like yourself, Red Butler's mission is to help entrepreneurs, companies and families get more done at work so they can experience more in life. The team consists of U.S. based executive virtual assistants that are there to help you save time on those tedious tasks you'd prefer to avoid. Plans vary from $150 - $1,250 per month, based on your needs, and services include booking travel, coordinating meetings, managing your calendar, performing research and even handling expenses! Available 12 hours / day, assistants can be reached real-time to chat. These trustworthy task-helpers can be a total lifesaver. 


On a mission to make beauty more convenient, you can become a Glambassador for an all-access blowout pass. Book up to the minute (their pro blowouts only take 15, and they can totally style you into a fun updo). Membership tiers from 2 blowouts a month to 2 blowouts a week, starting at $79. Their convenient locations include Equinox, Exhale, David Barton Gym and more, allowing you to get done up post-workout in a flash. A small price to pay for the ability to fit in a workout before heading to happy hour or your next meeting!


Amazon...the e-commerce site we all know and love because they have EVERYTHING, from furniture and fragrances to home goods and gadgets. It is an online shopper's wonderland, and oftentimes items are delivered in a day or two, with no shipping fees. With Amazon Prime Now, you can get items of all kinds delivered to your door in under two hours for free (in select cities, including NYC). Need someting now? Pay $8 and it'll be there in less than 60 minutes! The service only costs $99 a year, and is basically life-changing. A small price to pay for some serious convenience.  


OK, this one isn't as snarky and anti-social as it sounds, but sometimes we all need a break from everybody. If you want to go to your favorite coffee shop and get some work done in a serene, crowd-free environment, or make dinner plans without having to wait outside for an hour, this is the app for you. It uses Foursquare and Instagram checkin data to tell you if a place is packed or not. Avoid Humans is divided into four categories -- nightlife, food, coffee and refuge...each location is color coded to indicate the current level of human presence. 


The most convenient way to get local groceries without having to leave your home or office. Just sign up for Instacart, put in your location, select your desired goods, and a personal shopper will hit up your favorite food stores...delivering to your door in a flash. It is easy, affordable, and the friendly couriers will bring what you need in under an hour. From produce to household needs, Instacart has you covered! 

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