Wellness Warrior On The Run: What's In My Bag?

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As a girl who is always on the run, but also obsessed with living my best life, I'm constantly looking for hacks to help me run around town at full speed while feeling my best.  I spend my days in the marketing world running to meetings, agencies, clients etc. and that means I have to have the right tools with me at all times.  

Here are a few things I keep in my (very big) bag to keep me well throughout the day. 

1. A water bottle: Hydration is so important.  I cannot stress how important.  When you run around all day you might forget to drink water.  That can lead to fatigue to feelings of hunger to muscle aches.  To do my part for the environment, I keep a refillable version in my bag. Nalgene has great options and Brita even has a version that has a little filter in the cap.  Opt for a version that is BPA-free, as you don't want those chemicals leaching in your water.  During long, hot summer days in NYC, I keep Nuun electrolyte tablets in my bag to add to my water. They provide some additional magnesium and potassium I might be losing from all that running around.  

2. Multivitamins: I get regular blood work to look at my micronutrients, but to fill in the gaps I like to take multivitamin packets.  My favorite ones are called Daily Dose from Dr. Frank Lipman.  These little packets have vitamin D3. probiotics, fish oils and a multi.  They are free from all the unhealthy additives and come in a convenient to-go package.  

3. Biofreeze: Any girl who has spent more than eight hours per day in heels, knows why this is in my bag.  Rather than taking an OTC pain reliever that isn't so great for my system, I rub on this topical biofreeze cold therapy.  The active ingredient is menthol so it's a more natural alternative to pain relievers.   

4. Healthy Snacks: No 4pm blood sugar crashes for this girl!  I keep healthy snacks in my purse all the time.  I carry a stainless steel Eco Lunch Box to put my goodies in.  They usually consist of raw almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, or veggies and hummus.  Don't be caught unprepared and then have to run to the corner deli for something loaded with sugar.  You'll be on a roller coaster all day.  

5. A healthy energy boost: Most people, when they feel their feet dragging, reach for a large cup of joe.  A little bit of coffee and caffeine can be good, but too much can tax your system.  Coffee is very acidic and too much caffeine (with a hectic and stressful lifestyle) can over-exert your adrenals and lead to adrenal fatigue. So, I like to take a tip from my friends in Japan and use green tea matcha.  Matcha is stone-ground green tea and you can make a mean latte from it.  I keep a tiny hand blender in my purse so all I need to do is go to a coffee shop and ask for some steamed almond milk, add my matcha, and blend for a few seconds. 

I'd love to know what you keep in your bag!

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