Why It Might Be Time for A Fall Cleanse

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The weather is changing and so are our bodies.  The leaves are falling, the winds are picking up and in a month or two, it will look totally different outside.  And our bodies be quite different on the inside.  Many of us put on a few pounds in the colder months usually blame it on the various holiday parties, social engagements and nights of holiday cheer with a drink or two in your hand.  But recent studies suggest that a few holiday pounds could actually be a result of hibernation signals that come from our brain.  Say what?!

It's all a bit technical, but basically, our bodies have the ability to cycle into insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity with the seasons in order to regulate out metabolisms.  Our bodies send signals in the colder months to store fat to pad ourselves for the blustery winter days.   FOr some of us though, the circadian dopamine input to the brain is lost and we don't have the ability to regulate glucose and lipid metabolism the way others might.  And it's those people who remain in "hibernation mode" all year round.


So, what exactly can we do about it so we're not rolling around all the holiday parties like a living, breathing rotund snowman?!  A few things really, but my favorite is a seasonal cleanse.  By eating with the seasons, removing any processed foods and focusing on clean and nourishing meals you'll fuel your body at the cellular level.  It's also super important at this time of year to get a little extra sleep.  October is actually the month of the year where we sleep the longest because our bodies are adjusting and adapting.  So allow yourself plenty of rest as well.  
If you're looking for a great opportunity to press the reset button, join me on my 21-day wellness challenge & group cleanse.  We'll focus on clean eating, removing processed foods and common allergens to get you looking, feeling and thinking your absolute best.  




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