Dropping the Money Struggle

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How to change your money mindset by uncovering and healing old wounds. 

In order to uncover why we might feel stuck around the concept of money, we need to dig into our belief systems.  Because our beliefs systems are often unconscious. Like an operating system running in the background that we didn’t know we had.  

We’re going to dig into what you believe about money and how it might be currently shaping your reality. We want to explore who you are in relation to money. What do you believe about money for yourself? How did you come to believe these things? 

The ideas you hold about yourself and the world around you make up your CORE BELIEFS.  These CORE BELIEFS are often unconscious and unexamined.

And you might be wondering why, in an exercise on money we are talking about beliefs, well, I’ll tell you.  Beliefs are so important because almost every action you take in LIFE is influenced by them whether we realize it or not. And your Core Beliefs can either support or get in the way of the fulfillment of any intention. Everything you currently have in your life is a result of what you believe is possible in this world.  Take that in for a moment. That might be making your head spin. It did for me initially.  

So now, we're going to dig into some pretty deep questions.  Grab a notebook and pen, find a quiet spot where you won't be disturbed for at least 30-minutes, and take three giant and cleansing breaths.  Now, open your notebook and run yourself through these journal prompts.  


  1. What were your early memories of money in childhood? Visualize it like a picture. What did you decide about money in that moment?
  2. How was money handled in your family?
  3. What messages were you given about work and money?
  4. Was there emotional trauma around money?
  5. What was your biggest fear about money when you were younger?
  6. What were your parents’ fears? Have you adopted any of these as your own?
  7. My biggest fear around money is?
  8. My father felt money was?
  9. My mother felt money was?
  10. In my family money caused?
  11. My early experience with money was?
  12. Money equals?
  13. I’m afraid if I had more money, I would?
  14. In order to have more money, I need to?
  15. When I have money, I usually?
  16. If I could afford it, I would?
  17. People with money are?
  18. I’d have more money if?
  19. What did you learn? How did your early experiences and parental messages affect you?


  1. What would you like to change?
  2. Complete the following sentences 10 times: Money is______
  3. What did you learn?
  4. What do you believe about yourself and money:
  5. Stepping into growth, what do you choose to believe about yourself and money
  6. In your notebook, write this sentence: IT’S TIME TO MAKE MORE MONEY.  The sheer act of writing starts programming your unconscious mind.
  7. Read it aloud three times.
  8. Now fill in the blanks: This year I will make_______
  9. How did you feel writing that? What is difficult or easy? Why? Was it uncomfortable or felt natural? Do you notice any resistance?


  1. What do I want to make?
  2. Why do I want to make that?
  3. Why don’t I want to make that?
  4. What does your child self say?
  5. What does your adolescent self say?
  6. What does your negative ego say?
  7. What does your future self say?
  8. Why will I let myself make what I want?
  9. What did you learn? Any surprises?
  10. Write down anything you think is holding you back?
  11. Who is in your community? You are the average of the 8 people you spend time with. Who’s on your list?  Who would you like to remove and who would you like to add?



  1.  Use a money tracking app so you can see where you are spending your money and where you can be smarter about your money.
  2. What can you cut back on?
  3. Do you feel resistance on cutting back on this?
  4. Fill in the blank:
  5. I’d love to spend less, but: ______
  6. I’d love to save more, but:
  7. I’ve love to get out of debt, but:
  8. I’d love to invest, but:
  9. Are these reasons true? How can you counter them?
  10. Make promises just for money: I commit to overcoming my money struggles and commit to 30 days of cleaning up my relationship with money. What behaviors can you promise to change or evolve to heal your relationship with money?

If you need more support on this topic, we invite you to book a session.  

**Exercise is adapted from Overcoming Underearning.

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