Self-Care Ideas You Can Start Now

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While seemingly simple, the notion of “self-care” can be confusing. After all, we all have different ideas of what caring for ourselves look like; in some cases, eating a big dessert can feel like an indulgent, “caring” treat. While we’re not here to put the kibosh on a brownie sundae every now and then, we also believe there are some self-care techniques that don’t require a glycemic overload. These are ideas that can create lasting, impactful happiness as well as in-the-moment euphoria, too. 

Here they are.

Start a compliments file.

Did your boss send you a congratulatory email? Did you receive a heartfelt note from a good friend? Did a stranger on the street give you kudos for your killer style? Take note! All of these things should be documented and stored away as reminders of why you’re awesome. After all, we tend to focus so much on the negative things that people say about us – why not take the time to celebrate the much more important positive?

Scratch off a lurker on your to-do list.

Coined by BHH’s founder Amina, a “lurker” is something that’s been chilling on your to-do list for ages that you’ve just been avoiding …and avoiding. Maybe it’s making a dentist appointment; perhaps it’s cleaning out your closet. Buckle up and get that sh*t done – chances are, you’ll feel amazing afterwards.

Have a home spa session.

Bath? Check. Facemask? Check. Deep conditioning treatment? Check. Corral together all your favorite beauty and wellness treats and spend a couple of hours indulging in using them. It’s far easier (and more affordable) than heading to the spa for the day, plus you’ll be able to watch your favorite Sunday morning cartoons while you do it…

Act like a kid.

Along those lines, take some time to play and have fun. Maybe it means putting on your favorite Disney movie; perhaps it’s digging out that old soccer ball and kicking it around with a friend. Whatever it is, channel your inner child and relish in the opportunity to be playful, creative and carefree.


In the age of smartphones, social media and endless emails, the simple act of unplugging from technology can feel truly indulgent. Take an hour and disconnect from everything – leave your phone at home (or turn it on airplane mode), turn off the TV and the laptop and enjoy a rare bit of quiet.


Similarly, technology and the demands of modern existence has made us one distracted bunch. Instead of ruminating over your work meeting while brushing your teeth, then, take that time to truly focus on the act of scrubbing those molars. Try this practice throughout the day doing various menial tasks to help hone your attention and prevent feeling scatterbrained.

Edit your social media feeds.

You regularly toss stinky food from the fridge, but when’s the last time you gave your social media feed a good old-fashioned scrub? Get rid of that person who is constantly on angry political rants; un-follow that social media “friend” who you actually don’t particularly enjoy in real life. While this sounds rather harsh, it’s actually way better than the alternative: Following someone for the wrong reasons.

Meditate for one minute.

Meditation can seem like a daunting practice for newbies, which is why starting with baby one-minute sessions can be incredibly helpful. Don’t be expect to reach transcendence during this practice; rather, try and do things like become more conscious of your breathing during this time.

Go on a date – with your honey or with yourself.

Personally, spending time with my husband outside of the house is the most nourishing thing I can do for myself. Simple breakfast dates or a walk in the neighborhood with Tim always leave me feeling happy and energized. But when he’s not around, I’ve also learned to take myself out on dates. Recently, that meant going for a spin class and then eating solo at our local café. It was great and next time, I’m bringing him with!

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