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Team A(uthentic)

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I'm just going to come right out and say it.  Authenticity is everything!  We ain't going anywhere if we're not our true selves.  

It’s my belief that when we are connected to our truth, and we nourish ourselves in balanced ways, we can have the impact we want to have on the world.  That might mean showing up fully for the work we’re called to do, for our families, or for a cause that we deeply believe to be true. When we are in that space, we can show up as incredible versions of ourselves and have a ripple effect out into the world via our work.  

For most of us though, it’s a journey of un-becoming—like chipping away at rocks to find our gemstone.  Much of what we experience or think about ourselves and our talents is projected on to us.  When we are children, we learn from our caretakers, peers and teachers.  We don’t know to question their belief systems so we often adopt them as our own and they shape our realities in ways we may never realize.  So, if you grew up in a household that really valued math and science and you were discouraged from pursuing your creative talents, you might subconsciously believe you’ll never be taken seriously as an artist, or make money that way.  But that is an adopted belief system.  Our wounds and our projected beliefs are not our faults.  However, it is our divine responsibility to heal and evolve them—especially if we want to live an empowered life and one we're proud of.

As my homeboy, Carl Gustav Jung—a Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist who is credited with founding analytical psychology—says “until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”  

Wowza!  It's crazy to think about all the major decisions we've probably made in our lives that actually came from subconscious programming!  Several researchers even suggest that mega-weighty decisions such as the city you live in, your career and your significant others are selected based on subconscious beliefs.  

And that's what much of my work is about.  How do we unlearn and un-become so we can connect to our truth?  How do we fill up in balanced ways so we are set up for success and can have the impact we want to have on the world via our work?  I've been exploring this precise theme in my one-on-one coaching.  And next week marks an epic milestone for me as I’m launching my first ever digital course—taking this theme and curriculum and turning it into an inclusive solution that can fit in most people’s budgets and schedules.    

In celebration, I’ve created the Type A(uthentic) t-shirt.  It’s an awesome reminder to all the doers and Type A’s out there, that it’s less about what we do, and more about who we are.   But what’s a story without some heroes, right? To help me spread the word and define what it means to be Type A(uthentic) I’ve tapped some amazing, creative, risk-taking, celebrated heroes to share their journey and why authenticity is most important to them.  Read more about their epic-ness any why authenticity is important to them below.  

Trystin Bailey

Author, Playwright, Shaman

"Because authenticity is honesty of the self. The masks people wear, the games they play, the suppressed or exaggerated emotions erode that honesty, effectively making all interactions, all relationships cultivated this way, a lie. You can't take steps toward your ideal self if you don't embrace your authentic self."

JLove Calderón 

Founder & Creative Director of JLove Global, Artivist

JLove is an activist, author, coach, creator, producer and director of TV and film.  Storytelling is at the heart of her work.

“Authenticity is the foundation my Purpose lives on. It is the daily choice of how I am showing up in my full expression of who I say I am. It invites me to be courageous when I’m scared. It allows me to be true to my lived experiences while simultaneously choosing the story I now wish to write. Authenticity = Freedom.” 

T.J. Fix

Events maestro, Jokester, lover of life

"When a person died in ancient Greece, they asked only one question: 'did they have authenticity'. Actually I dont know if the Greeks ever said that but they probably should have."

Helya Mohammadian

Chief Innovator Chick, Incredible Human

"It takes a lot of courage to accept yourself for who you are; but when you do, you’re not only respecting yourself but you’re enriching the lives of others by being genuine."

Stephen Popiela

Consultant, Seer, Camper

"Being authentic is having the courage to be who you want to be, in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else. We admire people for their strength, but we love them for their vulnerability. Give yourself the permission to be vulnerable."

Erica Robertiello

"Living authentically is being aware of and embracing all the various parts that make me, ME. That means being at home with a self that is at times a conglomeration of competing ideals, mirrored likes, smooth edges, and jagged little pieces. It means loving that beautiful mosaic that is me and not being afraid to show up fully in all my (at times messy & other times radiant) glory!"

unnamed (2).jpg

Sydney Silver

Boss Coach, Alchemist, Musician, Restauranteur, Bad Ass

"Because we’re all going to die. And when your number is up you’ll have just enough time to reflect on who you were and what you did what the hell you were even so afraid of. And it’ll all probably seem really dumb."

Want a Type A(uthentic) shirt or some swag? You can grab your own by going right here!  Or, be entered to win my coaching program + free swag through this link right here.  

Why is authenticity most important to you?  Share in the comments below.  

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