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Why Every Busy Professional Should Consider Getting a Colonic

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It used to be quite a taboo topic: But thanks to health coaches, the rise of cleanses and books like Everybody Poops, we've all got potty mouths these days.  And for good reason.  Gut health is tied to immunity, brain health, susceptibility towards autoimmune disease and much more.  And nothing is more telling about our gut health than a casual glance into the toilet bowl.   With over 74% of American’s living with GI issues, it’s certainly something we should be talking about.

So what’s causing all this distress? The causes can vary greatly, but top culprits include:


“Ninety percent of humans will have a problem with parasites in their lifetime.” – Dr. Oz

Parasites are pervasive and often unavoidable.  Intestinal parasites can infect the gastro-intestinal tract of humans and pets.  Though they can affect other areas of the body, they usually make a home in the intestinal wall.  Parasites from undercooked meats, unwashed fruits and vegetables and infected water are usually to blame.  The symptoms can range from diarrhea and vomiting, to gas to unresolved fatigue.  


Everyday we’re exposed to thousands of chemicals from cleaning supplies, to our beauty products, to environmental toxins.  In fact, new born babies reportedly arrive in this world with 287 chemicals in their umbilical chords—180 of which are known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors.  Generally, our bodies filter out these toxins, but maldigestion, malabsorption, leaky gut and loss of liver detox function can all contribute to accumulated toxicity, reports Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, ND.  

“This results in unhealthy metabolites (“toxins”) from gut bacteria entering into circulation. In fact, research has shown that up to one-third of the small molecules in the blood come from bacteria in the gut. Worse, however, is when a patient has overgrowth of particularly unhealthy bacteria, especially Gram-negative, the absorbed lipo-polysaccharides (LPS) are highly toxic with blood levels correlating with many chronic diseases,” says Pizzorno.

SIBO & Candida

15% of the US population has small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or SIBO and a whopping 70% of the US population is estimated to suffer from Candida—a systemic fungal infection.  Symptoms can range from a little gas and bloating to major brain fog, debilitating fatigue and memory troubles—none of which is very good if you're trying to fire on all cylinders.  While supplemental therapy can help in a big way, it can take several months for symptoms to fully abate.

So, what's a busy professional to do if they have parasites, toxins and bacteria sabotaging their every (bowel) movement?  Get a colonic, that's what.  

Colon Hydrotherapy has been made popular by celebrities like Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Pamela Anderson.  They work to eliminate the waste by irrigating the colon which allows the digestive system to function better.  Proponents of the holistic therapy even suggest it can remove accumulated plaque in the colon, which is where, reportedly, most of the bacteria and toxins are hiding out.

The procedure is painless with a disposable tube being inserted into your rectum to allow warm filtered water to flow through your colon.  The warm water, often accompanied by charcoal and other herbal remedies, works to soften up any lingering waste materials and expel it from the body.  According to celebrity therapist and founder of the Piper Center for Internal Wellness, Tracy Piper, people “...have figured out that cleansing the body in this way enables them to perform better, reduces stress, improves attitude, skin, and endurance, allows them to age seamlessly, and of course, look AMAZING on the red carpet," she says.

Here are four reasons you might want to consider colon hydrotherapy as part of your wellness routine.  

1. Increases Energy and Concentration

Removing toxins and excess waste allows energy from the intestines to focus elsewhere—which could support lingering fatigue and overall energy levels.  

2. Better Nutrient Absorption

Similarly, colonics can help support energy and concentration by way of nutrient absorption.  An unhealthy colon can contribute to malabsorption of key vitamins and minerals and since nutrition is critical to mental health and cellular energy, a healthier functioning colon can lead to better absorption and therefore energy and mental clarity. 

3. Supports Better Sleep

Ever tossed and turned all night thanks to acid reflux, poor digestion and other GI issues? Us too.  When elimination and detoxification are impaired, our bodies have to work even harder to carry out simple tasks.  Digestion and elimination become even more labor-intensive and our bodies can't focus as much on rest and repair.  Colon hydrotherapy does some of the heavy lifting for a struggling system and allows the body to rest more deeply and therefore restore more fully.  

4.  Reduces Inflammation

Our bodies function optimally with a balanced pH level of 7.35-7.45.  Foods that cause blockages in the colon are generally acid-forming foods.  The tissue in the colon eventually becomes inflamed and impaired from these acid-forming foods.  Bacterial, yeast and fungus can overgrow and enter the blood stream causing our pH levels to alter which can lead to weight gain, inability to concentrate, immune deficiency, hormone disruption and more.


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