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How To Detox From the Holidays

Posted by Amina AlTai on

Christmas cakes, puddings, cookies, rich meats and more!  The holidays are filled with sugar, gluten and a lot of the foods we tend to avoid throughout the year.  So, if you're thinking of making changes come January 1, focus on sustainable changes in lieu of a fad diet.  Here are a few ways to detox from the holidays and kick off your healthiest year yet! 
1. Eat mindfully:  Eating mindfully is about being present and aware while you’re eating. Slowing down, acknowledging the food you’re about to eat, being conscious of its taste, texture, smell, and understanding its role in your life.  When we're not eating mindfully we tend to majorly overeat as we're totally unaware of how much and how often we're eating.

Here are a few of my go-tos for clients who want to eat more mindfully:

  1. Know your triggers: Is it a buffet? Is it meals with family? Whatever it is, just think about what makes you nervous and throws off your eating and be prepared for it. You can learn more about mindful eating here.

  2. Be present: Turn off all distractions and just be present.  That means no phones, tvs, ipads or computers.  Then take a moment to breathe and come into your body.

  3. Say a prayer: And I don’t mean this in a religious sense, I mean it in a spiritual one.  Acknowledge where your food came from, how it was prepared and how it arrived on your plate and send a note of thanks out into the universe.  

  4. Think about the role of food for you: Primarily, food if meant to nourish our cells and also provide a bit of joy.  When you stop to think about that, it changes the game.  If you’re looking at food as a vehicle to help you live better, you no longer want to overindulge on the foods that are going to make you feel less than your best.  

  5. Forgive and reboot: If you eat something that doesn’t serve your highest self, don’t spiral into self-loathing and hatred—remember that’s what keeps us stuck.  Simply forgive yourself and promise to do better next time.  

2. Address the underlying issues:  If food plays a big role in your life and you're overly dependent on it it might be time to look at the why.  If you eat clean, but the moment you're in another setting you're freaking out and having a fit because you can't find a gluten free protein bar, you might need to examine what's happening under there.  A free-writing exercise could really go a long way.  Just take out a piece of paper and start to journal about what you're afraid of or why it's such a big deal if you don't get what you want.  
3. Eat clean:  Focusing on eating clean and fresh foods is way better than any diet.  By removing packaged and processed foods and swapping them for whole and nutritious foods you're allowing your body to rest and restore.  When you choose the right foods and a healthy balance of macronutrients you'll find that you stay fuller longer and have a more balanced blood sugar.  By virtue of that, you'll feel much better and be much less likely to reach for unhealthy substitutes.  Check out our ebook for more tips on how to eat clean and kick off a healthy lifestyle.  
4. Make it a lifestyle: Focusing less of quick-fixes and more on long-term changes will set you up for much greater success.   With diets, you make see some initial results, but once you revert back to your old ways or go too heavy on a "cheat day" you'll be back at square one.  The ticket is to focus on lasting and sustainable changes to your eating and wellness routine so you can always feel your best.  
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