About Amina

We spend more of our heartbeats at work than we do anywhere else. It should feel really freaking awesome.

You’re clearly a total rock star at what you do.

My guess is…. you’re super buttoned up, you know your craft, people love you, you’ve got great career capital…but you feel crappy in your work and imposter syndrome may as well be your middle name.

So what’s the deal?

I see it all the time. Brilliant, powerful women get to the top of their career mountains—getting the titles, the awards, the paychecks and then realize "this isn't it."

Maybe you…

  • Signed up for the career or launched the business you thought you should have

  • Won all the awards

  • Were celebrated for how kick-ass you were

  • But you feel totally bummed our and burned out laboring in a space that doesn't feel aligned with you

And what I see time and time again is super talented people who have no idea what their mastery is and how to serve it up to the world in a way that they will understand and can get paid the big bucks for.

And then, feeling like total imposters, they want to quit, stay stuck in their day job and resign themselves to a lifetime of “work sucks” water cooler conversations.

Holy moly, have I been there too!

I have bounced between corporate America and entrepreneurship for most of my career. After seven years slogging away in a business I had built myself out of and felt terrible in, I hit the streets to start something new and something that felt more like me. But I had no idea what I was called to do or how to figure it out. I meandered. I wandered. I sought counsel from business coaches, life coaches, financial psychics, past life experts (don’t judge!) because when you are trying to solve something so deep you’ll do whatever it takes. I bought every online course, read every book and copied “the formula” from all my favorite coaches. I put together the shiniest offerings and marketing pieces AND NOTHING HAPPENED. Lost in the stories of overnight successes, I felt like a total worthless failure and mega imposter.

Until one day, I realized I’d done it all wrong.

I’d built a business emulating others' formulas and hoping for the same success versus leaning into my true gifts and talents.

I can show you the actual steps and tools I used to lift myself and hundreds of others out of drama, depressing holes and into freaking awesomeness.

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So, I decided enough was enough and it was time to create something really true to me. That I could be proud of. That I could teach in my sleep. So, I created the offering I wish I could have had when I was searching—a space where people can be seen and heard and create the great work of their life. Not bad, right?

And that’s why I can help you too….

I can show you the actual steps and tools I used to lift myself and hundreds of others out of drama, depressing holes and into freaking awesomeness.

Together we will:

  • Get crystal clear on your magic—we’ve all got some, you just don’t know exactly what yours is yet.

  • Navigate the brilliant minefield of roadblocks your resistant brain is going to want to create the minute you come out of your comfort zone..

  • Take that magic and package it into a product or service that people actually want to buy.

  • And feel awesome and proud as you do it.

Cool, right?!

Before I felt all magical, empowered and free, I spent a lot of time with mascara dripping down my face praying for a way of out the work prison I had built myself into. I’ll never forget the day that I was driving to a client meeting (my 32nd meeting of the week in additional to two all-nighters) when my doctor called with test results and told me to turn around and go straight to the hospital for emergency treatment

I knew this work was sucking the life out of me… but I didn’t realize it was sucking the actual life out of me!

It was the wake-up call I needed. I realized in that moment, if I wanted to survive (and maybe someday thrive), I needed to make some big changes.

In a matter of two months, I sold my half of the business to my business partner, enrolled in school for nutrition, fitness, meditation and coaching respectively to figure my sh*t out and heal myself. I signed up for every class, read every book and studied with the greatest teachers I could find to get better. And when I did finally feel well again, I decided it was time to get back on the entrepreneurial horse and help people who were suffering like I was.

My methodology combines my experience in brand building and marketing with training in coaching, nutrition, movement and mindfulness to help intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs build their careers the healthy way.

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It’s a little something I like to call Aligned LeadershipTM and I created it so that you...

  • feel great in your work every darn day

  • get paid. The big bucks.

  • do what you actually love and are great at

  • get to live your shiniest and best life and not let your career suck the life of out of you like I did.

“So who is this Amina character,” you ask?! I’m super serious about my work, but pretty silly when it comes to everything else. When I'm not helping you reframe your mindset, I can be found

  • eating coconut ice cream (hey, we’re all allowed our guilty pleasures)

  • riding my bike around Brooklyn searching for trees...because we only have like 6

  • learning. I have degrees is marketing and economics (because I pride myself on being equally right and left brained…or something). And I love love love growing and learning so I can share fun facts like why the grass actually does look greener on the other side

  • laughing at my own jokes (I’m legit hilarious) Did you hear the one about the business coach...haha!

  • cooking all the healthy treats (and occasionally setting fire to an oven glove while I do.)

  • I’m half Iraqi and half Welsh and was born in London, grew up in New Jersey and live in NYC...which basically means some days my hair is straight, and some days it’s curly and I never know how to simply answer the question “where are you from?”

  • I don’t have any pets yet, but I’m OBSESSED with my plants. My oldest and biggest is named Herm and he is a gorgeous split-leaf philodendron. When he grows a new leaf I legit feel like a proud mom.

So let’s join forces. Let’s put our brilliant heads and hearts together. If you’re ready to:

  • Dig deep and shine bright

  • Drop the drama and the work that isn’t serving you

  • Do work that you love and get paid for it

  • And get on the court and out into the world with a game-changing offering that’s true to you and that you feel freaking awesome in…

Let’s do this!!!

If you’re ready, pop on over here and schedule a consult call where we talk all about YOU and how I can be of service.

Can’t wait to meet you!