About Amina

 Nourishing you and your business to your highest potential. 

Driven, educated and fearless, our generation is taking over the world. Our biggest challenge? Taking care of ourselves and doing meaningful work at the same time. Conventional wisdom exhorts us to “carve out time” for self-care, using spare moments to squeeze in everything from yoga to relationships. For a generation gunning at 1000%, marginalizing “me” in order to get ahead is a sure bet for burnout and staying stuck.

Nationally recognized expert Amina AlTai believes that authentic health and a booming business can arise only from an integrative approach. With 12 years of marketing and brand management experience + training in nutrition, fitness and mindfulness—Amina believes that being nourished & having a healthy bottom line are intrinsically tied.  

After several years of pushing her physical limits in order to achieve business success, Amina experienced her own burnout—developing two autoimmune diseases and a whole host of food allergies.  She realized that in order to get where she wanted to go in business, she needed to nourish herself in all the right ways first.  Because her health physical and emotional health meant the business could thrive too.  Now she pays it forward and teaches others how to fill up in all the right ways, in business and in life.  

About Amina

Hi there! I’m Amina.  I’m a nationally recognized nourishment expert and I teach people how to connect to their authentic selves, and nourish in a balanced way so they can show up for their businesses and their lives in powerful ways. Think of me of a wellness coach + business advisor all rolled into one!


In my 12 years working with start-ups and global companies, I’ve supported and lead teams to double-digit growth, happy and inspired cultures, and game-changing impact.  I’ve worked with fortune 100 companies helping them to empower and nourish their people to do their best work and live their best lives. I’ve also helped to launch over 30 start-ups—working on the front lines of entrepreneurship ensuring the founders and brands are taken care of and flourish together.  I've also been tapped as an expert in the press, and been featured in Yahoo, Readers Digest, Women’s Health, MindBodyGreen, The Observer, Medium and Thrillist.

After starting her career in marketing working for companies such as Cartier, Vera Wang, Dolce & Gabbana Amina went on to co-found a marketing agency to support emerging brands.  After 7+ years working on brands ranging from Samsung to Avene, MdSolarSciences and Supersmile as well as dozens more, she went on to head up marketing for Spafinder Wellness and then Bliss respectively.  Grappling with a big career and two autoimmune diseases lead Amina to seek out wellness training of her own.  She studied nutrition at IIN, Mindfulness Training under Charlie Knoles and fitness training through NCCPT.  Her goal became to teach how to balance a thriving career, body and mind.  Progressive companies such as Deloitte, Ouidad and HUGE have partnered with Amina for coaching that breaks the mold and makes a difference.

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