About Us

As a modern healthy-lifestyle company, our native language is Real Talk. 

We give today’s wellness seekers the truth on what it takes to feel amazing and connect to their purpose—no matter what path they’re taking. 

AminaAlTai.com is the manual for living an amazing life by embracing all aspects of yourself. Born of Amina’s witty, non-judgy coaching style, AA tackles the total person—nourishment, relationships and our big purpose in this world—to offer powerful practices that get you where you've always felt called to go. 

Driven, educated and fearless, our generation is taking over the world. Our biggest challenge? Taking care of ourselves and living authentic and connected lives. Conventional wisdom exhorts us to “carve out time” for self-care, using spare moments to squeeze in everything from yoga to relationships. In reality, we’re lucky if we squeeze in 10 minutes of Netflix before crashing into bed at night. For a generation gunning at 1000%, marginalizing “me” is a sure bet for burnout and staying stuck.

Nationally recognized wellness expert Amina AlTai believes that authentic health and happiness can arise only from an integrative approach. With training in nutrition, fitness and mindfulness—Amina specializes in developing meaningful lifestyle practices that enhance the whole person, not just pieces of our lives: nourishing ourselves to balance. Exercises to feel connected and confidentPursuing work that doesn’t just pay bills, but also nourishes the spirit. 

Progressive companies such as Bliss, Spafinder Wellness, Ouidad and HUGE have partnered with Amina for wellness coaching that breaks the mold and makes a difference. Meanwhile, millions of viewers tune in for her meal and nutrition inspo on Health & Wellness Channel’s Fresh in 15 series. Oh, and in addition to penning pieces for digital destinations like Spafinder & Barry's Bootcamp, Amina is polishing off a book project. So reach out today and snag a spot on her calendar—she’d love to learn more about teaming with you, too. It’s what we're all about.