Clean Eating Pantry Staples

Breakfast Staples

Almond milk

Gluten free oats


Brown rice cereal / cereal bars

Protein Shakes

Fresh fruits & veggies for smoothies

Gluten free flour


Buckwheat pancakes

Snack Staples

Roasted chickpeas

Nuts, almonds, walnuts

Hummus with fresh veggies

Dried fruit (avoid ones with added sugar & sulphur dioxide)

Kale chips

Black bean chips

Fruit with nut butter



Lunch Staples

Gluten free bread

Brown rice/corn tortillas

Mixed greens / fresh veggies

Veggie burgers

Lettuce wraps

Hormone-free meats

Dinner Staples


Brown rice pasta

Gluten free chicken/vegetable broth

Beans (black, kidney, chickpeas)

Olive oil

Non-malt vinegar