Entreprenourished Digital

A Digital Course to Help You Get Unstuck in Your Mind, Body and Business 

Tired of feeling tired—in your business and your body?

Do You:

  • Have an incredible idea but aren’t sure how to get it off the ground
  • Feel as if you're putting yourself last in service of others
  • Notice that you’re often tired, depressed, void of energy and enthusiasm in your business and life
  • Feel like your current career isn't serving you and you want to start your own thing, but the right way
  • Have a lack of boundaries that's made a job you love totally miserable

I've been there too. And it sucks. So let's turn it around together.

 Here's what you'll get with Entreprenourished Digital

  1. Get clarity into what drives your beliefs and decisions in your business (and life!) and how it may or may not be serving you.
  2. Design a personalized plan to keep you nourished in your business so you can show up as your fully expressed self. 
  3. Create a new or evolved offering to make sure it's aligned with your authentic self and what you want to put out into the world.
  4. Develop an action plan to get your evolved offering out into the world

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Entreprenourished Digital is about building a business that you actually LOVE to go to every darn day and that pays you—so you can finally show up for your big and beautiful life.  Because when you are happy and financially sustained, you can move mountains.  

I know you’re brilliant and have tried a million different things and you’re probably thinking “how will this be any different?”  Just because it’s worked for me might not mean it’ll work for you, right? I know that talk track, too.

Hey Gorgeous, I’m Amina, a former marketing executive who stopped doing work that was literally killing me and am now so in love with my business I literally launch myself out of bed at 6am and can’t wait to get to work. For years, I pushed to get my business off the ground and couldn’t do it.  I developed two autoimmune disease, my hair was falling out, my pockets were pretty empty and my friends didn’t want to be around me because I was a total bummer.

My wake-up call came one day when I was driving to a meeting and my doctor called with some test results. She told me to head straight to the hospital for emergency treatment!

My business was sucking the actual life out of me. In a matter of two months, I sold my business, enrolled in school for nutrition, fitness, meditation and coaching and started to figure my sh*t out and heal myself. When I finally did feel well again, I decided it was time to get back on the entrepreneurial horse and help people who were suffering like I had.

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Here’s what you’ll get when you join 

Modules contain supporting videos, guided meditations, worksheet and templates to support your path to greatness.  

Module 1: Reconnecting to your true calling. 

  • Identifying your limiting beliefs in your business and your life
  • Consciously cultivating your belief system in support of the business, brain, body and life you want
  • Defining your personal brand values so you can align them with the work you do

Module 2: Nourishing You and Your Business

  • Identifying the areas of your life where you feel full and nourished and the areas where you need to "fill up" a little more consciously
  • Create a  nourishment roadmap to allow you and your business to thrive.
  • Defining your personal brand values so you can align them with the work you do 

Module 3: Creating a brand that is an authentic expression of you

  • Architect your mission-driven brand
  • Ensure your brand values and business goals are aligned with your personal value and mission. 
  • Create a brand that is not only aligned with your values but also serves the greater good 

 Module 4: Creating products & services that reflect your true gifts

  • Identify your unique gifts and how you can craft those into an offering that feel totally true to you
  • Align your gifts, your values, your joy and your impact so you can actually feel good going to work each day
  • Create a plan for your minimal viable product so you can test your unique offering out in the world

Module 5: Attract Your Ideal Consumer

  • Define your ultimate consumer and learn how to "charm" them 
  • Get crystal clear on the problem you're solving in the world for this ideal consumer
  • Create a plan for authentically connecting versus pushy selling

Module 6: Create your authentic marketing plan

  • Identify the channels where your consumers are most active
  • Create a crystal clear and actionable marketing calendar
  • Master the tools of real and authentic influence.  

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