Mindset School: A 6-month training program to learn the revolutionary mindset coaching tools to shift leaders from great to The Greatest Of All Time

Mindset School

You can and WILL learn all the tools to help clients (and yourself) up-level your minds, your work and your lives.

Brace yourself for magic, because here is what your experience with your clients and team members is about to look like:

  • Shifted core limiting beliefs in service of their biggest dreams 

  • Bye-bye, fears, doubts and uncertainties

  • No more imposter syndrome or perfectionism holding them back

  • A mindset of greatness that allows them to easily release overwhelm, navigate conflict, and know exactly how to leverage their minds in challenging moments

  • Healthier teams, cultures and bottom lines

  • And their goals and intentions achieved as a result

I know that you are already a badass coach, consultant or business leader.  But, why do we sometimes feel like we can't get our people "there?"

We want our teams, clients and coachees to achieve wild success—but sometimes (and you know this well), the strategies and tactics aren't enough.  

Like me, you've probably been in meeting after meeting seeing a company or person's potential, but they can't get out of their own way.

They dig their heals in. 

They are governed by fear. 

They hide in confusion and overwhelm.

They believe more in their obstacles than their ability to overcome them. 

And it's really freaking frustrating for you.  

You know, with a little mindset shift, limitless success is available to them, but you don't yet have the precise tools to help them make that shift.  Until now.  

Success is 80% mindset and 20% strategy and tactics. 

If we want to live the lives we've dreamed of and bask in incredible success, we have to shift our minds.  

When I started to work with clients at the beliefs level, leveraging the best of psychology and neuroscience, the results expanded beyond our wildest dreams. EVERYTHING CHANGED.  

  • They grew multiple 7-figure businesses,

  • got raises and new jobs,

  • they fell in love with their bodies and they opened themselves up to powerful relationships. 

Because they believed it was all possible.  Because they changed their brains to choose faith over fear—as a default setting.

What you can expect

Month 1: The Biology of Beliefs & The Mindset Cycle

  • The first month is all about understanding how we form beliefs that shape our reality. Then, I teach you the specific tools I've used with hundreds of clients to shift them from fear, doubt and worry to high-achievers with powerful mindsets.
  • Nourishment is a conduit to clarity. I will teach you my proprietary methodology on supporting whole wellbeing so that we can get to the bottom of our beliefs and recreate from a clear and grounded space.
  • Together we'll explore core limiting beliefs, shadow, upper limits and other mindset "blocks" and how they present themselves in our clients.
  • I will teach you the specific tools I use to shift mindsets in the moment as well as recreate beliefs over time.

Month 2: Imposter Syndrome, Perfectionism & Shadow

  • In month two we go even deeper by looking at specific blocks that manifest in achievers. We’ll work through my unique framework for identifying clients' shadows, limiting beliefs and blocks to success and then learn how to reframe them so you can have the highest and best outcome with your clients and team members.
  • You’ll also have a chance to get into the hot seat to practice what it looks like to reframe beliefs in real-time.
  • We’ll look at imposter syndrome, perfectionism and blocks to worthiness.

Month 3: Releasing Fear, Scarcity and Staying Small

  • Now that you’re clearer on the mindset cycle, how we form beliefs and how to shift them, we're going to go one step further and look at fear, scarcity and playing small.
  • I'll teach you how to sniff out scarcity and smallness (even with those who are playing big)
  • I teach you my proprietary tools on working with fears to sort them, plan against them and succeed in spite of them.
  • We’ll also bring in special guests to talk confidence and self-trust.

Month 4: Growth Mindset and Cultivating Trust

  • Over the course of our time together we’ll navigate fixed mindset and get clear as to how it’s interrupting success.
  • We'll talk about how to create growth mindset cultures within your organization. And most importantly, how to cultivate psychological safety so clients and teams can thrive.
  • We'll learn what it takes to be trusted by your people, how to trust yourself, and how to repair trust if it's been broken.

Month 5: Releasing Overwhelm and Anger; Cultivating Motivation

  • The global pandemic has brought overwhelm, anger, sadness and languishing to the forefront but they are challenges we need to learn to navigate. I will teach you my proprietary tools for move through overwhelm and big feelings—productively.
  • Teams lack motivation now more than ever. Motivation is equal parts biology and mindset and I will teach you to explore both to unlock higher performance.
  • At the end of month 5, we will start our live practice sessions so each attendee gets an opportunity to road test the curriculum and how they would uniquely apply the tools.

Month 6: Practice, Practice, Practice

  • We develop mastery with these tools by getting on the court with them. Month 6 is about developing deep connection to the tools by practicing with our group.
  • You will have opportunities to live coach through real-world challenges and receive feedback to hone your skills.
  • We are committed to your learning and evolution in the most joyful way possible and ensure your are supported to thrive with these teachings.

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Q & A

Q : Finances are pretty tight since I invested everything in the business. Can I really afford this?
A : I want you to have a beautiful relationship with money and I teach just that. When we are in scarcity, it's usually based on old programming and limiting beliefs which I will teach you to release. While you certainly could use a break (and I’ve been there), investing in this program now will allow you to create a successful and joyful business once and for all. While this is certainly an investment to consider seriously, staying stuck in your business and not making back your initial investment at all is what you really can’t afford. But, let's be practical as well. I offer a monthly payment plan if that’s more digestible than a lump-sum. My goal is to make this work for you so you're freed up to focus on building your dream.
Q : Who is this program for?
A : My heart skips a beat when I get to work with female leaders who have climbed their first mountain and looked around and realized “this isn’t it.” You’re probably already a seasoned pro, but maybe you lack clarity on this 2.0 version of your career and your life. You are POWERFUL! You just need a little help redirecting that power in service of your dreams. Oftentimes, your big life and knack for hard work and getting things perfect has left you unwell and burned out and you are looking for a laser-focused coach to help you do soul work and birth this next iteration of your work and life. I see you, I feel you, I was you.
Q : I actually haven’t launched my business yet. Is it too soon to start working with you?
A : No, this is my favorite time to start working with a client. If you have an idea you need help launching or even if you don’t know what you want to do, I can help your get clear, get grounded in your idea and get out into the world and make change happen. Plus, I've launched 30+ brands from my marketing days + my own business so I can mitigate the learning curve for you big time. I have a knack for seeing your inherent greatness and how you can turn that into a joyful and successful business. The beginning is one of my favorite places to start.
Q : Do I need to be a business owner to do this work?
A : No. This work is for entrepreneurs AND intrapreneurs who want to make work feel more aligned. This work is perfect for female leaders within organizations who are ready to lead in a way that feels authentic to them.
Q : What if I’m a fast learner and don’t need the full 3 months?
A : I said those exact words to my coach and she lovingly laughed at me. Having worked with hundreds of leaders and launched dozens of brands, I know 3-months is the bare minimum it takes to get clear, to work on our blocks, to get something out into the world and test it. It’s enough time to feel good, to meet resistance and see how we play with it this time around. 3-months is the magic number.
More than anything I want you to be so lit up every day by the work you do. I know how deeply, truly, all-encompassingly painful it is to not feel good in your work. I never want you to feel that way again. Ever.
If you’re ready to be done with the business drama and move into your success story, then I’m ready to support you.

Let’s do this!!!

If you’re ready, pop on over here and schedule a consult call where we talk all about YOU and how I can be of service.

Can’t wait to meet you!


Amina is just amazing! I could not have imagined a more fruitful or transformational process. Best money I’ve ever invested into myself.

-K.C. NYC Retail Executive

Amina is the fairy godmother I always wanted but never had! She is so dedicated to each of her clients, and is truly happy at their successes. She knew exactly when to push me through the uncomfortableness of growth so I could get through to the other side and realize my potential.

- A.K. Washington DC Marketing Executive

Amina is AMAZING!!!!!!! She is light and joy wrapped into an unapologetic fierceness that inspires action. She is an incredibly deep listener, and understood and held tightly my first priority of building relationships and holding integrity with my work. She could understand my "low hanging fruit", and my potential.... Working with Amina allowed me to stop feeling guilty about making money!

- L.B., Philadelphia, PA Meditation Teacher, Speaker & Facilitator