From Role Model to Whole Model

A multisensorial, immersive one-on-one day to remove blocks, create clarity and unleash the power of your soul

I know you are the kind of woman that has it all together.

You’re buttoned up, you’re brilliant and you’re savvy. You know you have a ton to offer and everyone around you knows it too. You killed it in school, you’ve been super successful in your career (even if you don’t/didn’t love it), and whatever you touch usually turns to gold. Instantly. Dayummm, you are magic!

So why does work and life feel so "meh" right now?

If you’re anything like me and my other clients, you likely set your ambitious sights on a shiny career from a very young age. You worked your a$$ off to get to the top and you got there fast (and probably looking pretty fly, too). You leaned in, you hustled, you did all the things, “balanced” the personal and professional and somehow made it allll work. And when you got to the top of that shiny mountain you looked around and thought—“this ain’t it.” Maybe you felt majorly frustrated or even burned out along the way.

I see you, I feel you, I was you. It took me two autoimmune diagnoses to finally decide that something needed to give. But I don't want that for you. There's an easier and healthier way to find the work you love and feel great in.

If you're ready to flip the script on your work and your life and create the 2.0 version of it all, we should talk about creating a VIP day just for you.

The completely customized, one-on-one NourishedYOU.0 VIP day is designed to support YOU to your highest potential. Leveraging my background in brand building, meditation, coaching, nutrition and healing, I’ll guide you through a healing and emboldening day that helps you get grounded, get clear and get out into the world and get change started.

I can show you the actual steps and tools I used to pull myself and dozens of others out of drama, depressing holes and into freaking awesomeness.

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Want to know a little bit more about what this day is all about? Your customized NourishedYou.0 flow includes:

  • A 5-hour immersive day designed just for you and your exact needs
  • Morning guided meditation and sound experience tailored to you
  • Nourishing, nutritionally designed high vibe foods specific to your body and needs
  • My proprietary NourishedYou diagnostic to guide our work
  • My Ease & Excellence thought-leadership and brand building workshop to help you hone in on your true essence
  • My Nourished Brand Building workshop
  • My Nourished Action roadmap workshop to help you get out there in an authentic and nourished way
  • Movement class or healing workshop with one of our NourishedYou approved healers so we can integrate change on cellular level

Let’s put our brilliant heads and hearts together to make your dreams a real-deal thing.


My methodology combines my experience in brand building and marketing with training in nutrition, fitness and mindfulness to help emerging entrepreneurs build businesses the healthy way

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Let’s do this!!!
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Can’t wait to meet you!

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