Amina AITai (pronounced AH-MIN-UH) is a holistic leadership and mindset coach, proud immigrant and chronic illness advocate. A leading coach to notable female leaders and impact-driven celebrities-Amina's mastery is in connecting us to our brilliance and teaching us to live and lead from it each day. As a woman of color of Iraqi descent, she often works with marginalized communities to help them realize possibilities in a way that honors their particular lived experiences. She's known for her work around Aligned Leadership and supporting clients in pivoting from Role Models to Whole Models (TM).

Amina's signature program is a 3-month coaching container, The Radical Uplevel, designed to help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs radically uplevel their work and their lives. She is also the creator of The Nourishment Journal, a personal development workbook where you can unearth blocks standing between you and your dreams.

As a graduate of NYU with a degree in marketing and economics, she started her career with luxury brands and worked for companies such as Cartier, Dolce & Gabbana and Vera Wang before starting her agency. She then went on to lead marketing for two wellness companies-Spafinder Wellness and Bliss. After spending a decade grappling with a fast-paced career in marketing and two autoimmune diseases, Amina hit burnout. In hopes of healing her own life, she sought training in coaching, nutrition, fitness and mindfulness and her goal became to teach others how to balance a thriving career, body and mind. She takes a holistic approach to coaching­ examining any blocks in the mindset, in our bodies and in how we lead.

In addition to her business, Amina lead Coaching with Inspire Justice as their VP of Social Impact Empowerment Coaching where she trained celebrities and media companies on how to lead more equitably. She is also a Founding Guide for Chief, the largest and most prestigious women's leadership network in the country.

For her corporate work, Amina has partnered with progressive companies such as Deloitte, Y&R, Outdoor Voices, NYU and HUGE. She's an Entrepreneur Magazine expert- in-residence and also contributes to Thrive Global and MindBodyGreen. Additionally, she's been a featured expert in Goop, Well+Good,New York Post, Yahoo, NBC, and more.


She's a celebrated speaker and has spoken on stages around the country. Her signature speaking topics are:


From Role Model to Whole Model

 A role is part—often assigned to us by familial, societal, or cultural structures. If we want to step into the fullness of our beings and live and work from that place, we need to release the roles. Step into the fullness of your being by addressing, unlearning, and overcoming hindrances like codependency, limiting beliefs, and perfectionism.


Passion & Purpose: How to Build an Authentic Career at Any Age

The great work of our lives sits at the intersection of where our gifts lie, what brings us joy, what we value, what we want to impact, and what we need. When we design our path from that space, we are living our purpose. Learn how to move into a career that you are excited to get out of bed for every day.


Helping Diverse Leaders Thrive 

A reported 55% of companies DO NOT have programs to increase diverse leadership, which is hurting them and their culture, big time. Learn how companies can set the standard of leading differently by addressing unconscious bias and shifting management and communication styles at all levels of an organization to cultivate a space of true belonging.


Why We Should All Be Genius Stacking

Each and every one of us came to this world with an extraordinary form of brilliance just waiting to be expressed. We all have gifts, and work becomes a place of boundless possibility when we stack those gifts to create an expression that is entirely unique to us. In this conversation, Amina shares her personal story of how combining her background in business with her training in mindfulness and nutrition catapulted her career to the next level. Learn how to discover your gifts and connect them in a way that allows you to work from a place of you fullest expression and make the greatest impact.


Codependency and Boundary Setting in The Workplace

While we readily understand the impact that codependency can have on close interpersonal relationships, there is a striking lack of conversation on how these issues affect us in the workplace. Amina will share her personal story of how porous boundaries and self-sacrificing lead her to two autoimmune diseases that ignited a massive career and lifestyle shift. Learn how codependency shows up in your work and how to set realistic boundaries that honor both your purpose and your personhood.


Stop Taxing Our Passions

In this conversation, we’ll address the passion tax, which is the idea that people are more likely to ask you to do extra, unpaid work when you love what you do. Amina shares how the passion tax is directly correlated to burnout due to the additional invisible labor. Audiences will learn how they can honor their passions and set boundaries so that they can stay in this work for a lifetime, not just a season.


Mitigating Burnout

For the first time, the World Health Organization (WHO) now recognizes burnout as a real workplace phenomenon. Learn about the biology of burnout, how it manifests, and how to reprioritize your work so that you can also honor your well-being.