These days it can be tough to get every single vitamin and mineral we need from our food supply.  Poor quality soil, processed foods and damaged guts are all to blame.  Supplementation can be a great way to get a necessary boost.  Always check with your health care provider before changing your regimen.  It’s important to be aware of any drug interactions.  

Vitamin D

By virtue of living in big cities, places where there isn’t much sunlight and overuse of sunscreen has lead an estimated 75% of the US teens and adults to be vitamin D deficient.  So why do we care?  Vitamin D plays a huge role in cellular function and the prevention of cancer.  Vitamin D deficiency has been correlated to everything from autoimmune disease such as MS to high blood pressure and depression.  

 Vitamin B12:

Data coming out of the Tufts University Farmingham offspring study identified that 40% of the teens and adults are in the normal to low range.  B12 deficiency can cause a range of unfun symptoms from fatigue and weakness to poor memory and psychiatric conditions.  So watch that one.  


I cant say it enough….protect you gut.  An imbalance in bacteria can lead to anything from discomfort to hormonal imbalances to high cholesterol, anemia and neurological problems.  A daily broad spectrum probiotic with at least 30 billion CFUs per capsule is recommended.  If you’re planning to have children, good gut bacteria is extra important.  Your bacteria set the tone for their own gut health throughout life.  Probiotics come in various strains.  Some work for certain people and others dont.  Experiment to find the right balance for you.  If you dont like taking probiotics, eat fermented foods like kombuchakimchee, sauerkraut and kefir.