"After many frustrating months of struggling to lose a stubborn 10lbs, I reached out to Amina for assistance.  After listening to my concerns, she custom tailored a plan for me, including diet guidelines and supplements.  She also incorporated advice for sleep, stress management and exercise options.  Within just 3 weeks on the program, I lost the weight.  More importantly, I became much more aware of my habits that led to the weight gain.  I feel better, am told that my skin looks amazing and can comfortably fit back into my clothes. In three weeks, I feel like I hit an internal “reset” button and will be continuing to use Amina’s sage advice to fine tune and maintain my health."  - Karen Giberson, President, The Accessories Council

"Working with Amina was one of the most positive and rewarding health activities I've ever embarked on.  In a few weeks, I went from four Cliff bars and three Diet Cokes per day to a healthy and balanced diet without any cravings for sugar or caffeine.  Amina setup a dietary and supplementary program that had me feeling more energetic and happier within days.  I hit my weight goals in a month and have been able to maintain a healthy balance ever since.  Amina made it all simple and easy and was great to work with."  - Craig Zucker, Founder, Buckyballs & Undo

"Working with Amina was great both for my body and my mind. I felt clearheaded and alert in a way I haven't felt in years! Amina was there every step of the way, helping me customize a dietary and exercise regimen that was targeted to my individual needs and physiology. I felt both supported and empowered. I'd definitely recommend Amina to anyone interested in making a healthy lifestyle change."- John Fischer, Brand Strategist
"I loved that Amina made time to speak with me one-one-one, since I live overseas and couldnt make any of the group coaching calls. It made me feel that she really cares about each and every individual's progress and goals." - Molly, WeWork Executive

 "With the birth of my second child, I gained over 50 pounds and needed help losing it. I had been thinking about making changes in my diet for a long time but it seemed so overwhelming to learn new recipes and know where to begin. After all, I've been eating the same way for 33 years right? I was in touch with Amina right after baby #2 and I haven't looked back! I wanted to nourish my family with healthy food and start good eating habits young. Amina went over my current eating habits, health history and even went through my pantry! Her program made me jump right in and I don't know what I was so afraid of! Cutting out gluten has completely rid my IBS & has made me feel SO much better, lighter and cleaner. Why didn't the Doctor ever suggest this? Not to mention, I only have 6 more pounds of baby weight to lose at 6m postpartum. Thank you Amina! -Rosalyn Dursunian, Sales Executive

"I participated in the BHH cleanse a few months ago and it was wonderful- I picked up some great recipes, tips for being healthy while out in social situations and it kept me from wandering because there were snacks and I didn't feel deprived. The substitutions were actually tasty and I continue to use some of the ingredients I purchased." - Melissa Kessler, Sales Executive

"I loved the cleanse. As the mom of a toddler with an on-the-go job I was falling into this bad food cycle of unhealthy eating and I really needed a reset. Planning out meals, always having salads in the fridge, and breaking the habit of eating off my kid's plate made a huge difference. I slept better and was never hungry. And I lost 8 pounds!" -Hannah H., Product Designer