Amina truly changed the game for me both in terms of how I see myself in the world (as the badass empress that I was always meant to be) and in terms of tactical/practical moves I can make to grow my business with alignment and joy. In three months I went from charging $3k per 1:1 coaching client to signing 7-figure deals with huge companies and government contracts. I never could have done it without her. She offers all the holding and understanding of a sister plus all the insider guidance of a Shark Tank CEO. So very grateful to her for having unlocked potential I didn’t even know I had. Run, don’t walk, in her direction!!!
-Dr. Ghaz Samandari, Leading Coach and Leadership Development Expert


Working with Amina has been one of the most transformational and rewarding experiences I have had to date. Amina creates a beautiful container for exploration, ideation and expansion that cuts to the core of what is necessary for you to actualize the next version of both yourself and your career. With Amina's guidance and expertise, I took my company from ideation to fully operational in three short months. Amina offered invaluable direction, advice, and support each step of the way. Amina is truly a dreammaker and the ideal person to work with when it comes to aligning with your soul's purpose and creating a fulfilling career. -Katherine Petrullo, Transformational Coach

Working with Amina has been a true gift.  She approaches her work with a sense of openness, clarity AND fun.  Her wide-ranging experience in areas of spirituality on one side and business on the other come together for a unique, transformative and liberatory approach. Through her Aligned Leadership method, she holds space with compassion that guides you towards those bold moves that are unlocked by the power of your authenticity. You are supported in stepping into what Amina names 'your great life's work,' ultimately embodying holistic and integrated fulfillment at work, at home and everywhere in between. -H.L. Ray, 
Leadership Expert and Former Fortune 50 Marketing Leader
"Amina AlTai is the most incredible, loving, and supportive business coach that you could ever have in your corner. She is equal parts badass, knowledgeable, and intuitive, and my sessions with her feel like part genius business strategy and part psychological healing. In addition to giving you tangible tools to expand your business and meet your goals, she reaches deep into your soul to uncover your true purpose, your why, and the subconscious blocks that may be stopping you from self-actualizing your dreams. In just a short time working with her, I have grown in ways I never thought possible, and have made leaping strides in both my business and my personal life. What I love most about Amina is that she is truly authentic and such a genuine, beautiful person. She takes coaching to a whole new level to make you feel seen, heard, supported, and loved -- in all of your unique strengths and gifts, in all of your limiting beliefs or blocks, and in the totality of who you are. Her knowledge and insights are invaluable, and I cannot recommend her highly enough." -Margarita Russolello, Intuitive Healing & Easter Medicine
"Amina, you loved me back to life" was part of my goodbye as we wrapped up our 3 month coaching program. If you are feeling burned out, disconnected, stuck, or like you've strayed so far from your life purpose, that life feels dull and frazzled, Amina is the coach that will guide you back to your spirit. On our very first call I could feel how her energy was the water to my dried up rain forest. I thought I needed money to help me feel juicy, alive, abundant and nurtured. I now fully understand that all the gifts are within me and everyday feels like waking up on Christmas morning. While she will guide you to achieve financial results, the work she does is on a soul level, causing you to ignite and bloom. With her many gifts, she teaches you how to use the tools to create any life you chose to create. She is invaluable, worth every coaching penny, and my life will forever be better because of her mentorship. -Elizabeth Juarez, coach to women in non-traditional roles
I had an amazing experience with Amina. She helped me change my perspective, and in many ways, my life. Amina deeply impacted me. She helped me frame new perspectives and shift my mindset. I felt like Amina really saw me and was easily able to bring forward ideas, resources and tools that felt personalized just for me. She was generous with her time and I felt that I had a real partner in the work. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Amina. She is amazing. –Isobel Grodd, Senior Managing Director, Guggenheim Securities

Amina is AMAZING!!!!!!! She is light and joy wrapped into an unapologetic fierceness that inspires action. She is an incredibly deep listener, and understood and held tightly my first priority of building relationships and holding integrity with my work. She could understand my "low hanging fruit,” and my potential. Working with Amina also allowed me to stop feeling guilty about making money! I had made myself so small; believing that it wasn't possible to have a spiritual livelihood that was in integrity, AND profitable! This is huge, and I have been amazed with the opportunities that have come my way with this shift in mindset. It was like meeting up with a best friend each time we connected. She is warm and kind, and was always very organized and clear about our vision for each session, while also leaving enough space to be responsive and emergent; space for laughter and tears. She was so much more available than I thought she would be. It's such a joy to work with someone who loves their work as much as I love mine. —Leslie Booker, Dharma, Mindfulness & Embodied Wisdom Teacher

The experience was more than I could have expected (and I set the bar high) and was worth the investment. So thank-filled for the opportunity. My life is better because of Amina. Simply stated—we went there fast and started to grow, build and nurture forward. What I loved most was the pace, her openness and being able to be 100% me. -Leigh Burgess, President, Bold Industries Group

Amina is like something I've never seen. Her coaching and training acumen is top-notch, but more importantly, she provides a safe space for me to be challenged while also feeling supported and free to create. She is the best coach I've worked with and has mastered the art of growing leaders in a way that allows them to be fully themselves. -Natasha Wade, Human Resources, Humana

Amina is just amazing! I could not have imagined a more fruitful or transformational process. Best money I’ve ever invested into myself. —Kristen Cole, CEO & Fashion Director 

Amina is the fairy godmother I always wanted but never had! She is so dedicated to each of her clients, and is truly happy at their successes. She knew exactly when to push me through the uncomfortableness of growth so I could get through to the other side and realize my potential. —Anna Kavaliunas, Head of Marketing, SMAKK Studios

"Amina is not only intelligent and informed, she is incredibly nurturing and warm. She supported me in turning a "dream" into concrete achievable goals, and helped me shape my personal project into a startup. Amina opened my eyes to owning my value, and helped me create a solid strategy to quantify what that is worth. I have become more discerning of the types of project and clients I take on, and have a solid cost strategy for each project. Simply being around her ignites my light. She is a true partner and she is fully invested in one's growth as a human and a savvy business person. She is an expert in her field, one who is changing the future of how we approach our careers. I wish I could see her every day! lol"  Paola Atlason, Designer & Wellness Coach, NYC
"I was at a rockbottom and reached out to Amina because she specializes in helping entrepreneurs identify their deeper soul purpose - I couldn't be more thankful for her help.  Working with Amina was AMAZING. Not only did her approach totally align with me - the way I like to talk about things, in terms of energy - but she found a way to help me articulate exactly what I want to contribute to the world through my work and how to get there in small steps over the next few months. I loved her gentle approach, the way she made me feel totally seen and understood, and the way she helped me to see that I am capable of anything I put my mind to.  THANK YOU Amina for everything! I am so grateful to have found you." Olivia Dillingham, Social Media Marketer & Coach, NYC
"Working with Amina was energizing and empowering. Every single coaching session I had with her was full of insights, wisdom and a solid action plan to go with it. Overall working with Amina helped me value my talent and time. Being a new business owner I was filled with doubts and what-if's, but Amina helped me believe in my self and as a result my work. She helped me create achievable goals, and set a foundation built on confidence, trust, and taking complete joy in what you do! I love that she takes all areas of your life into consideration, and uproots the issues that you didn't realize were stopping you from being your best. I absolutely love the way our sessions started, with a little meditation and intention...that really resonated with me. :)" 
Shika, Wellness Photographer, NYC
"Amina changed my life in the first meeting we had. I felt fully supported throughout the work. Amina helped me manifest an entire wall in my office designed by moi, a green card, a raise, a very possible promotion, a move to Tokyo and Milan, a connection with myself deeper than what I've ever known. May God bless you for bringing so much light and warmth to this world. I've never felt so powerful." P.T., Designer, Brooklyn

“From the synchronistic way I found her, until our last meeting, Amina had been a source of joy, expertise, inspiration and motivation. She taught me way more than I signed up for. Her infectious happiness lightened the huge task of starting a business, yet she held me accountable for the goals we set, supporting me every step of the way. The they way she brings and transfers focused, positive energy to a meeting is nothing I’d ever experienced or imagined. Because of this it’s essential for me to set the energy right before I work now, like getting wifi or a having ingredients to make products. I’ve learned so much from her deep well of knowledge and experience in wellness and business. Thank you, Amina!" -Angela H., NYC

"After my first session with Amina, I have clarity in my business intentions and an action plan to make it come to life. Amina’s guidance and expertise are immeasurable, she’s caring, warm and thorough. I look forward to next steps on our program, and feel fortunate to having Amina as my guiding light in this journey." PA, Beauty Entrepreneur, NYC

"Amina helped me clarify my goals, identify the barriers to achieving those goals and provided unparalleled encouragement towards making them a reality." Genevieve, NYC

"My experience with Amina was eye opening and heart opening!  I left with so much insight and tools that I will carry with me as I continue to come closer to my authentic truth." AH, Model & Entrepreneur, NYC

"The workshop with Amina was enlightening and reminded me of the light inside myself and to bring that to all areas of my life.  I would highly recommend working with Amina." PT, Health Coach, NJ

"This session with Amina was incredible.  It felt both grounding and inspirational.  What a way to kick things off."-HB, Product Designer, NYC

"Working with Amina was greatly insightful.  It helped me sort through a big decision I'd been working through for ages." -KC, NYC

"Working with Amina was one of the most positive and rewarding activities I've ever embarked on.  Amina made it all simple and easy and was great to work with."  Craig Zucker, Founder, Undo & Speks

"I loved that Amina made time to speak with me one-one-one, since I live overseas and couldnt make any of the group coaching calls. It made me feel that she really cares about each and every individual's progress and goals." - Molly, WeWork Executive