Your Healthiest Venture

21-day Group Cleanse

Starts 4.17.17

The live coaching experience for my 21-day group cleanse and wellness challenge, Your Healthiest Venture, only happens a few times a year and spaces are limited! I want to help you revolutionize your health, rebuild your relationship with food and see amazing results!  The cleanse officially begins on 4/17 but I'll be sharing resources on 4/14 so you can prep over the weekend. Let's do this!

Who Can Benefit From This Program? 1. Anyone in need of a full body reset 2. If you're seeking a sustainable weight loss solution 3. You're not sure what to eat or how to best manage your wellness 4. You want to take your healthy habits to the next level 

Who Can Benefit From This Program?

1. Anyone in need of a full body reset

2. If you're seeking a sustainable weight loss solution

3. You're not sure what to eat or how to best manage your wellness

4. You want to take your healthy habits to the next level

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1. What exactly is this cleanse?  Is it a juice cleanse?   Great question!  The 21-Day Cleanse is not a juice cleanse or a crazy fad diet.  We'll be removing common allergens like gluten, dairy and peanuts as well as common stimulants like coffee and alcohol to allow our bodies to detox and reset. 

2. Can I drink alcohol on the cleanse? We recommend removing alcohol for the duration of the cleanse.  If that's not possible, allowances can be made and we'll show you how to make the best choices.  

3. What if I'm traveling during the cleanse?  Travel can be challenging, but not a deal breaker by any means!  We'll provide guides to help you stay well while away, so you can still eat out and keep on track. We've got you covered!

4. Will I actually get to connect with a health coach?  YES!  We'll be having weekly group calls where you can ask questions, celebrate any wins and get the support you need to power through! 

5. What exactly does the cleanse include?  You'll get my complete wellness guide, 21 days of recipes, shopping lists, weekly support calls and a discounted rate on any 1:1 coaching sessions you sign up for.  

6. Will I lose weight?  Many clients report weight loss as a result of the cleanse.  They also report sharper minds, better sleep and clearer skin.  

7. How much is the cleanse?  It's $199 for the 21-Day Cleanse.  However, if you sign up for our newsletter you just might receive a discount. *hint hint

8. What about parties and social ocassions?  We scheduled this right before Memorial Day for a reason—we want you looking and feeling your best heading into summer.  But we know that social engagements are inevitable so we support you with dining out guides and healthy cheat options. 

What Can You Expect?

  • 21 days of coaching, fun and support!
  • A three-week clean eating program to help you look and feel your best
  • Recipes, shopping lists and tips
  • 3 Live coaching calls
  • On-going support through emails and our forum
  • Meal prep guides
  • And so much more!

Here's how it all breaks down:

Week 1: Eating clean 

  • We'll learn why eating clean is the key to success, brain health and great energy
  • We'll supply you with a ton of fun, QUICK and EASY recipes you can make with no mess or fuss
  • We'll show you how to meal prep to make eating healthy during the work week easy-peasy 
  • We'll make clean eating fun with a few of our favorite healthy "cheats"
  • We'll highlight the best foods for brain-boosting (got a big presentation anyone?), sleep and much more!

Week 2: Getting your mind right

  • We'll show you how to push through the blocks
  • We'll help manage your stress for better cleanse outcomes & a sharper brain
  • We'll share a few our favorite breathing exercises and meditations
  • We'll show you how to eat out and stay well
  • We'll show you the best ways to take your cleanse on the road if you're traveling

Week 3: Nutrition is more than food

  • We'll explore what your cravings really mean
  • We'll show you how to nourish yourself beyond the fridge 
  • We'll share a few of our favorite self-care tips to help you reset and restore
  • We'll highlight our tips for making this work in the real world
  • We'll set you up on your post-cleanse maintenance plan

“After many frustrating months of struggling to lose a stubborn 10lbs, I reached out to Amina for assistance... Within just 3 weeks on the program, I lost the weight.  More importantly, I became much more aware of my habits that led to the weight gain.  I feel better, am told that my skin looks amazing and can comfortably fit back into my clothes. In three weeks, I feel like I hit an internal “reset” button and will be continuing to use Amina’s sage advice to fine tune and maintain my health.

— Karen Giberson, President, The Accessories Council

“Working with Amina (Busy Happy Healthy) was one of the most positive and rewarding health activities I’ve ever embarked on. In a few weeks, I went from four Cliff bars and three Diet Cokes per day to a healthy and balanced diet without any cravings for sugar or caffeine. Amina setup a dietary and supplementary program that had me feeling more energetic and happier within days. I hit my weight goals in a month and have been able to maintain a healthy balance ever since. Amina made it all simple and easy and was great to work with. ”
          — Craig Zucker, Founder Buckyballs, UNDO