Your Healthiest Venture Week Three

Welcome to week three—our 3rd and final week together!

Start by watching the video below. 

I CANNOT believe we're at our third and final week already?!?!  Time flies when you feel light as a feather #AMIRIGHT?! 

Some of you are running with this cleanse and really making it your own—I'm so inspired by you!  Others are following it to the letter and I'm so honored!  Either way, we hope you're getting out what you're putting in.

Now is a great time to revisit your accountability tracker and jot down where you've improved and where you might still need some TLC.  I want you to make the most of our last week together and commit a little deeper, ask all of your questions and feel supported by the group. Don't forget you can schedule a mini-session with me to ask any questions and make the last week of the cleanse, the best one yet!

Love, light & kombucha,



You've got this down to an art. Download the Week Three Meal Plan and familiarize yourself with the corresponding recipes from the Recipe Book on the "Getting Started" page.  At this point, you're already probably making the recipes your own and whipping up your own fab gf/df goodness it the kitchen.  If you're still using the shopping list as a guide, just adjust it accordingly.  This week, have fun and get crazy with the recipes and share your faves on social.  


The below list is a recommendation based on the chosen recipes in the Week Three Meal Plan.  Before you head to the grocery store, double check your fridge and your pantry and cross off items you already have or whatever is leftover from last week.  If you've decided to try other recipes or are skipping some homemade meals in favor of dining out, just adjust your shopping list.