Your Healthiest Venture Week Two

Welcome to week two!

Start by watching the video below. 

I'm so proud of all of you!  I've been seeing the comments, the meal planning and all the fabulous choices you're making and I couldn't be happier!  Many of you joined this weeks call and it was great to hear your voices and answer your questions.  

This week things should start feeling easier.  You should miss your coffee a little less, meal prep should be getting faster and gluten-free eating is probably starting to feel more intuitive.  Keep it up and keep sharing in the facebook group and on instragram!  And don't forget, if you need support, we're only a message away!

It's also a great time to start focus on rest and stress management. Your wellness packet is full of breathing exercises, meditations and ways to support sleep.  So dig into the packet and start focusing on getting some extra zzzzzzz's.

Don't forget we have our weekly coaching call on Wednesday 4/26 at 7pm EST.   

Love, light & gluten-free goodies,



By now you probably know the drill.  Download the Week Two Meal Plan and familiarize yourself with the corresponding recipes from the Recipe Book on the "Getting Started" page.  If you don't love what's outlined, sub out some of the recipes for ones that sound more appealing to you.  If you're vegan and the recipe calls for fish or chicken, simply choose another recipe of swap your protein to vegan one.  Just don't forget to make adjustments on your shopping list.  If you're eating out and will be skipping some of the these meals, just stick to the outlined suggestions and adjust your shopping list accordingly.  


The below list is a recommendation based on the chosen recipes in the Week Two Meal Plan.  Before you head to the grocery store, double check your fridge and your pantry and cross off items you already have or whatever is leftover from last week.  If you've decided to try other recipes or are skipping some homemade meals in favor of dining out, just adjust your shopping list.