From Bummed Out to Brilliant Success: A 3-month group coaching boot camp to make work feel really freaking awesome

 Your work can and WILL. be a space of profound JOY, IMPACT and cash-money! 

You can and will build a successful career and feel great. doing it!

All it really takes is giving up the stuff that’s weighing you down and then stepping into your particular zone of genius!

But that can be super hard when you feel burned out and bummed out in your current role and don’t feel emotionally freed up to look for the next thing—or even what that thing even is. 

I know you are the kind of woman that has it all together.  You’re buttoned up, you’re brilliant and you’re savvy. You know you have a ton to offer and everyone around you knows it too.  You killed it in school, you’ve been super successful in your career (even if you don’t/didn’t love it), and whatever you touch usually turns to gold.  Instantly. Dayummm, you are magic!

You are used to putting in the effort and then seeing success, like immediately. But lately work has felt a little different.  And you’re not sure how to fall back in love with what you do. Because brute force ain’t working.

Let me guess:

  • You are amazing at your job but it’s starting to feel like a major energy suck
  • You love pieces of it, but it’s not really lighting your fire anymore
  • You’ve had some work besties over the years, but you’re starting to feel like these people aren’t your tribe
  • You feel valued in some ways, but majorly undervalued in others
  • You are a go-getter with a giant heart who wants to better the world, and your current career doesn’t support the impact you want to have and it’s starting to feel soul sucking
  • You pretend work is great but inside you’re dying and Sunday nights are just a MAJOR anxiety storm

But, deep down... you know you can do this. 

You know you can make your career successful and feel-good.  

And you know your time is NOW.  

I totally get it because I’ve been there. I used to totally loathe my job, counting the seconds from 9-6pm so I could run home and actually do I what I loved.  I was leading a big team and trying to keep them motivated, all the while feeling really checked out and disconnected from my true work and big juicy career goals.  I would interview for countless jobs pretending to myself that they’d be a fit or a springboard.  I was so delusional and fearful to put my stake in the ground for what I really wanted.  

But I finally decided to put down my baggage.  To get rid of what was standing in the way of me feeling great in my work and raking in the big bucks.   

AND EVERYTHING CHANGED.  I thought it was a self-help myth but, when I let go of had been been holding me back, sh*t started to materialize.  Seriously.

Brace yourself for magic, because here is what your life is about to look like:

  • You are so energized and lit up by your work there’s no pulling you away from it!
  • It feeds you on so many levels it actually energizes you to give more in other areas of your life!
  • You’ve cultivated an amazing community of like-minded and like-valued humans and this place is really feeling like home
  • You feel so valued—the compensation is great, but they also love your ideas, the way you think, and the way you show up in the world.  This place just “gets” you!
  • And the best part, you and this juicy new place are aligned on the impact you want to have out in the world. 
  • Sundays feel amazing because you actually look forward to the work week and the big amazing impact you’re about to have!


I know this might sound like a distant dream right now, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  I struggled to find the right role for myself.  Despite all of my big degrees and awesome work experience, I wallowed in my shame and let it ruin my health and relationships… until I gave up the stuff that was weighing me down and stepped into my zone of genius!


“From the synchronistic way I found her, until our last session, Amina had been a source of joy, expertise, inspiration and motivation. She taught me way more than I signed up for. Her infectious happiness lightened the huge task of changing careers, yet she held me accountable for the goals we set, supporting me every step of the way. The they way she brings and transfers focused, positive energy to a meeting is nothing I’d ever experienced or imagined.  I’ve learned so much from her deep well of knowledge and experience in wellness and business and I'm finally in a job that feels good for me. Thank you, Amina!" -Angela H., NYC

Working with Amina was the loving and motivating kick-in-the-pants that I needed.  Her tools help you get right to the heart of the matter.  Amina has incredible intuition and knows where to encourage you.  In a matter of weeks I was so much clearer on what I wanted to do and now I'm in a totally new job and feeling really good in it. -Maria, Brooklyn, NY.

"After my first session with Amina, I have clarity in my career intentions and an action plan to make it come to life. Amina’s guidance and expertise are immeasurable, she’s caring, warm and thorough. I look forward to next steps on our program, and feel fortunate to having Amina as my guiding light in this journey."- Paola Atlason, NYC



From Bummed Out to Brilliant Success

A 3-month group career coaching program that will help you give up what’s weighing you down and discover your zone of genius—so you can turn your career into an emotionally fulfilling, money-making, impactful, awesome space. 

Say goodbye to #SundayScaries and workday blues because your career is about to take off!


is about building a career that you actually LOVE to go to every darn day and that pays you—so you can finally show up for your big and beautiful life.  Because when you are happy and financially sustained, you can move mountains. 

I know you’re brilliant and have tried a million different things and you’re probably thinking “how will this be any different?”  Just because it’s worked for me might not mean it’ll work for you, right? I know that talk track, too.

Hey Gorgeous, I’m Amina, a former marketing executive who stopped doing work that was literally killing me and am now so in love with my work I literally launch myself out of bed at 6am and can’t wait to get to work. For years, I deluded myself and tried to pretend that I loved my work but it lead to major disconnection and burnout.  I developed two autoimmune disease, my hair was falling out, my pockets were pretty empty and my friends didn’t want to be around me because I was a total bummer.

My wake-up call came one day when I was driving to a meeting and my doctor called with some test results. She told me to head straight to the hospital for emergency treatment!

My work was sucking the actual life out of me. In a matter of six months, I changed jobs, enrolled in school for nutrition, fitness, meditation and coaching and started to figure my sh*t out and heal myself. When I finally did feel well again, I decided it was time to find the right role and one really aligned with my genius, my values, and what I want to impact in this ole world. 

Here’s what you’ll get when you join


  • 6 90-minute group coaching sessions so you’re not doing any of this alone ($1350 value)
  • Bi-Weekly homework and journal prompts to help you dig into any mindset blocks so your thoughts are always propelling you forward. ($800 value)
  • Custom guided meditations recorded just for our group you so you can. destress and quickly move through blocks that arise.  ($500 value)
  • A laser 20-minute strategic action call with ME so you can get a boost or tackle a major challenge ($250 value)
  • Access to my digital course: Entreprenourished Digital ($297 value) 
  • My proprietary roadmap so you can jumpstart your success and can start seeing results right away. ($297 value) 
  • Unlimited support between sessions via our facebook group so you always have exactly what you need to get results. ($500 value)
  •  Supporting worksheets, frameworks and methodologies ($500 value)

TOTAL VALUE: $4,494 value

YOUR INVESTMENT: ONLY $197 a month for 3 months

Sign Up Now - Limited Spots Available

I’m highly selective of my coaching groups so I only open up 20 spots at a time.  

Here’s What you can expect from this 3-month coaching program

Month 1: Finding your true gifts and zone of genius

  • We’ll work through my proprietary methodology for identifying your true gifts with what you value, what you want to impact in the world and where you spend your time. We’ll figure out your innate abilities that the world just can’t live without. I call this your zone of genius. 
  • Together we’ll identify your mindset blocks that have been subconsciously sabotaging your work (and your life)
  • We’ll define your personal values so you can align them with the work you do
  • We’ll start to brainstorm on your new or evolved role.  We’ll put on our detective hats and start sleuthing for who needs what you’ve got.
  • I’ll share supporting videos, guided meditations, worksheet and templates to support your path to greatness.  

Month 2: Nourishment, Money and your work

  • We’ll dig into all the scary pieces and parts of your work and start feeling good about them.  We’re talking money, we’re looking at that bank balance and we’re changing our plans and thoughts around them.  This is big work.
  • We’ll create a revised roadmap for getting that dream career and start getting on the court talking about it.
  • We’ll identify the areas of your life where work stress might be spilling over. We’ll identify where you feel full and nourished and the areas where you need to "fill up" a little more consciously.  This will help you show up for your work in an even bigger way.
  • We’ll create a nourishment roadmap to ensure you’re nurturing all pieces and parts of your life and work so you can all thrive together!
  • We’ll redefine your personal values that you want to extend out into the world and ensure they’re aligned with the values around your work so there’s no shame or hiding and you feel like one whole person.

Month 3: Creating a brand that’s an authentic representation of you Getting it out into the world

  • Now that we’re clear on your real gifts and we’ve stopped hiding from what scares you, we’re going to crafting the necessary assets you need to find your amazing work situation. It’s going to be so good— can’t-wait-to-shout-it-from-the-rooftops, good!
  • We’ll get crystal clear on your niche and what you uniquely have to offer so that when the ideal work situation shows up, they’ll know you’re the one for them!
  • Now’s our time to hit the streets with your amazing self and evolved mindset.  You know what your ideal employer wants and needs and you know how they want to get it. You’re serving it up and they’re loving it.
  • We’ll work through any lingering self-worth blocks standing between you and your feel-good, impactful, money-full work. We’ll make sure that you believe you are worthy, truly, deeply and once and for all so you finally feel like you’re living your dream

Sign up Now - Limited Spots Available

I only open up 20 spots at a time for group coaching, so if you’re ready, let’s do this!

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Q: When does the program begin?  

A: Group coaching kicks off on 9/18 and continues (every other Tuesday) through 11/27.

Q: Finances are pretty tight. Can I really afford this?

A: The cost of this program is about as affordable as a New Yorker’s daily latte habit. While you certainly could use a break (and I’ve been there), investing in this program now will allow you to create successful and joyful work once and for all.  While this is certainly an investment to consider seriously, staying stuck in your career and not making back your initial investment at all is what you really can’t afford. And PS I offer a monthly payment plan if that’s more digestible than a lump-sum.

Q: I actually have no idea what I want to do.  Is it too soon to start working with you?

A: No, this is my favorite time to start working with a client. Even if you don’t know what you want to do next, I can help mitigate the learning curve for you and find your zone of genius.  I have a knack for seeing your inherent greatness and how you can turn that into a joyful and successful work. The beginning is one of my favorite places to start.

Q: How much time will it take to complete the program each week?

A: I know you’re  busy, so I’ve kept the weekly lessons concise. It should take you about an hour to complete your homework and our bi-weekly coaching calls are 90 minutes.

Q: What if I’m a fast learner and don’t need the full 3 months?

A: I said those exact words to my coach and she lovingly laughed at me.  Having worked with dozens upon dozens of entrepreneurs and launching 33+ brands, I know 3-months is the bare minimum it takes to get clear, to work on our blocks, to get our vision out into the world and test it.  It’s enough time to feel good, to meet resistance and see how we play with it this time around. 3-months is the magic number. If you’re interested in a one-day Boss Lady Retreat, read more here.

More than anything, I want you to be so lit up, every day by the work you do.  I know how deeply, truly, all-encompassingly painful it is to not feel good in your work.   I never want you to feel that way again. Ever.

If  you’re ready to be done with the career drama and move into your success story, then I’m ready to support you.  Let’s do this!

Sign Up Now - Limited Spots Available