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Calling all Leaders,

Feeling stuck and allowing yourself to stay stuck is keeping you from your biggest, juiciest and most profitable life’s work. And it’s a sure bet for burnout and a lifetime of grumpiness.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! In any moment, you can choose growth over fear, and I can help you get there. The good news is you’re in the right place. I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs wade through real and painful challenges to create work that feels exciting and successful! Are you ready to ask for and receive help from an expert who can laser in on exactly what you are here for and how to deliver it?

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Hey friend,

I’m Amina and I help powerful entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs like you feel really good in your work through a mind, body and business approach to coaching so you can actually like going to work every day. You are already powerful. I just help you redirect that power in service of your dreams. And I like to help you get there, fast.

I know having a successful career that you actually like showing up for matters to you. But when you’re frustrated in a career not meant for you or feel totally misunderstood, it takes a toll. I've helped leaders from Slack, Snapchat, Deloitte, Refinery29, The United Nations, Goop, The New York Times, The Gap and more achieve the career of their dreams and I can get you there, too!

It should feel amazing to do the great work of your life. Period. And we can get there together!

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The Nourishment

A guided practice journal to help you live well and step into your potential


Amina is just amazing! I could not have imagined a more fruitful or transformational process. Best money I’ve ever invested into myself.

-K.C. NYC Retail Executive

Amina is the fairy godmother I always wanted but never had! She is so dedicated to each of her clients, and is truly happy at their successes. She knew exactly when to push me through the uncomfortableness of growth so I could get through to the other side and realize my potential.

- A.K. Washington DC Marketing Executive

Amina is AMAZING!!!!!!! She is light and joy wrapped into an unapologetic fierceness that inspires action. She is an incredibly deep listener, and understood and held tightly my first priority of building relationships and holding integrity with my work. She could understand my "low hanging fruit", and my potential.... Working with Amina allowed me to stop feeling guilty about making money!

- L.B., Philadelphia, PA Meditation Teacher, Speaker & Facilitator

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