Group Coaching: A Career-Catapulting Mastermind (12.06.2021_pt)

Pivot to Purpose

An advanced group coaching program to help you design, grow and scale your dream business and feel amazing doing it.

You can and WILL make work a space of profound JOY and abundance.

You can and will feel healthy and wealthy as you do.

I know you are the kind of person that has it all together.  You’re buttoned up, you’re brilliant and you’re savvy. You know you have a ton to offer and everyone around you knows it too.  You killed it in school, you’ve been super successful in your career (even if you don’t/didn’t love it), and whatever you touch usually turns to gold.  Instantly.  Yes, you are magic! 

So why does work (and life and health) feel so “meh?”

Let me guess:

  • You finished school and signed up for the career you (and your family) thought was perfect for you

  • You climbed the ladder (at lightening speed) and are really good at what you do, but you secretly don’t feel great

  • You thought success meant one thing, but are realizing that definition is leaving you burned out and bummed out

  • You know there is something better waiting for you, but you're just not clear on what that thing is and it’s keeping you stuck

But, deep down... you know you can do this

You know you can do work you love and feel-good.  

And you know your time is NOW. 

I totally get it because I’ve been there, too. I sprinted up the corporate ladder to a head of marketing role at a global brand, only to find that it was totally soul-sucking and exacerbating my chronic illness and eroding my sense of self worth. Womp womp. 

 But I finally decided to put down my baggage.  To get rid of what was standing in the way of me feeling truly aligned in my work.

 AND EVERYTHING CHANGED.  When I let go of what had been holding me back, and got really clear on who I am and what I have to offer, the game changed. 

Brace yourself for magic, because here is what your life is about to look like:

  • You love your role and feel like it finally aligns with who you are.

  • You bring all of your talents to the table and your workplace celebrates all of you.

  • You have a new definition of success that feels healthy, wealthy and sustainable.

  • You feel connected to your calling and don’t know how you ever lived any other way.

  • You make the big bucks.

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Q & A

Q : Finances are pretty tight. Can I really afford this?
A : I want you to have a beautiful relationship with money and I teach just that. When we are in scarcity, it's usually based on old programming and limiting beliefs which I will teach you to release. While you certainly could use a break (and I’ve been there), investing in this program now will allow you to create a successful and joyful career once and for all. While this is certainly an investment to consider seriously, staying stuck in your work and not making back your initial investment at all is what you really can’t afford. But, let's be practical as well. I offer a monthly payment plan if that’s more digestible than a lump-sum. My goal is to make this work for you so you're freed up to focus on building your dream.
Q : Who is this course for?
A : My heart skips a beat when I get to work with heart-centered leaders who have climbed their first mountain and looked around and realized “this isn’t it.” You’re probably already a seasoned pro, but maybe you lack clarity on this 2.0 version of your career and your life. You are POWERFUL! You just need a little help redirecting that power in service of your dreams. Oftentimes, your big life and knack for hard work and getting things perfect has left you unwell and burned out and you are looking for a laser-focused coach to help you do soul work and birth this next iteration of your work and life. I see you, I feel you, I was you.
Q : Do I need to be a business owner to do this work?
A : No. This work is for entrepreneurs AND intrapreneurs who want to make work feel more aligned. This work is perfect for leaders within organizations who are ready to lead in a way that feels authentic to them.
Q : What can I expect from this course?
A : We’ve used these tools with thousands of people to help them make work a place they love, feel great and get paid. Graduates of The Career Uplevel have successfully changed their careers, majorly up-leveled their salaries and started their own businesses—and you can, too! One of the biggest gifts of this course is clarity on what you’re here to do and how you’re here to do it, you can use the frameworks in this course to guide your career for a lifetime.

Let’s do this!!!

If you’re ready, pop on over here and schedule a consult call where we talk all about YOU and how I can be of service.

Can’t wait to meet you!


Amina is just amazing! I could not have imagined a more fruitful or transformational process. Best money I’ve ever invested into myself.

-K.C. NYC Retail Executive

Amina is the fairy godmother I always wanted but never had! She is so dedicated to each of her clients, and is truly happy at their successes. She knew exactly when to push me through the uncomfortableness of growth so I could get through to the other side and realize my potential.

- A.K. Washington DC Marketing Executive

Amina is AMAZING!!!!!!! She is light and joy wrapped into an unapologetic fierceness that inspires action. She is an incredibly deep listener, and understood and held tightly my first priority of building relationships and holding integrity with my work. She could understand my "low hanging fruit", and my potential.... Working with Amina allowed me to stop feeling guilty about making money!

- L.B., Philadelphia, PA Meditation Teacher, Speaker & Facilitator