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Post Turkey Day Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Posted by Amina AlTai on

Thanksgiving is the official holiday of overeating.  And even the best of us, armed with great intentions and vegetable platters, can overdo it.  But fear not, it's only one day and it's easy to get back into your healthy habits—especially when you have a  go-to workout. 


If traveling has you missing your usual sweat sesh, we've got you covered with a few workouts you can do anywhere.  No weights necessary.  

Select one of the options below and do each more for 30 seconds and then repeat the whole series four times:

Option 1:

  • High knees
  • Box jumps
  • Squats
  • Mountain climbers
  • Mermaid crunches

Option 2:

  • Burpees
  • Triceps dips
  • Pus- ups
  • V-sits
  • Jump lunges


Option 3:

  • Jumping jacks
  • Side lunges
  • Push-up rotations
  • Plié squat pulses
  • Crunches

Remember to check with your healthcare provider before beginning a new workout or nutrition plan.

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Healthy Host/Hostess Gifts

Posted by Amina AlTai on

As we round the corner into the most gluttonous time of year, many of us are preparing our waistlines by cleansing and taking a healthy approach to holiday cheats.  Being a little less "naughty" if you will.

If you happen to be keeping healthy company and dining at a healthier household, here are a few gift ideas for the consummate wellness warrior this Thanksgiving:

The worlds coolest water bottle: We all struggle to chug enough H20—especially when we're running around shopping and getting ready for the holidays.  Enter: the smartest water bottle ever.  It syncs with your smartphone and other fitness trackers and lights up to remind you to drink water.  Yes, please!

A wonder balm: Pre-empt the drier winter months with fabulous smelling balm that does it all.  The ultimate multi-tasker, Skin Savior removes dirt and makeup without stripping the skin, moisturizes, illuminates and even turns mineral powder into a glowing foundation treatment.  Plus, it's full of anti-oxidants making is the perfect travel companion.  

An Edible Arrangement: What's better than a centerpiece that's healthy and edible?  With arrangements starting at $39 (and they're running 20% off right now) dessert can get a whole lot healthier!

A healthy candle: Nothing helps us reset from turkey day madness like good old fashioned aromatherapy.  However, lots of fabulous smelling candles are actually quite toxic.  Why not gift one of these awesome and non-toxic way our wax candles? They're made from beeswax and they have an array of fabulously relaxing scents.  



Yogi Cookie Cutters: Yup, you read that correctly!  This is the perfect gift for your guy/gal who loves to bake and they come in packs of 3 all the way up to 18 of your favorite yoga poses.  Score!


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Workout Wear FTW (For the Workplace!)

Posted by Amina AlTai on

With telecommuting on the rise, offices getting more casual and investing more in employees health, it's not totally unusual to see few colleagues sporting some killer athleisure wear to work these days.  It's cute, comfortable and allows you to go from the gym and to the office faster than you can say "business cas."

Here's a few of our favorite pieces that, when styled right, will take you from sweat sesh to office superstar.  Sign me up!

Bomber jackets: These cute little zip ups can  be tossed on top of a moisture-wicking tank or layered on top of a cute silk blouse.  Either way, they're flexible, comfortable and so chic.  Check out Reeboks Army Green Bomber for a great office-approp layering piece.  

Mixed Media Leggings: Textured, mesh and leather are all finding their way into our workout gear right now.  And they're also all over high-street brands such as Zara, H&M and more.  We're loving these Palms Compression Leggings from Varley that are chic enough to throw on with a blazer and perfect over-the-knee boots.  We're also loving Koral Lustrous Leggings' which are the quintessential gym, to work, to night out leggings.  

Plain Tanks: These are wardrobe must have!  They're also perfect for your light workout days and when you don't have time to run home and change before work.  A simple workout tank like the Emily Tsu workout tank is feminine and stylish enough to be worn to work and also makes a statement on the treadmill.  

Headbands: No time for a blowout post-workout?  No problem.  These stylish and comfy headbands and turbans from I'm With the Band will cover all manner of hair sins.  From frizz to flyaways, these broad bands will keep everything in place and business as usual.  

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Five Minute Beauty Routines to Get You Out the Door Fabulous & Fast

Posted by Amina AlTai on

By Casey Sharbaugh

Some days (and nights) you want to dig deep into your beauty drawer and go for a full face.  Other days, time is of complete essence and your routine needs to be as pared down as possible.  The key to speed when doing your makeup is the right products.  Things that require copious amounts of blending or careful application eat up precious minutes that you just don’t have to spare.  Here are three different beauty routines that can be done in under five minutes at home, in a locker room, or even the back of a taxi.


If your makeup motivation is just to look like a better version of yourself, these products will achieve just that.

  1. Alima Pure Cream Concealer ($28) uses the warmth of your skin to blend in seamlessly.  Rely on it to cover spots or dark circles without any cakiness.

  2. Suntegrity 5-in-1 Natural Moisturizing Tinted Face Sunscreen ($45): Since we know sunscreen every.single.day is a non-negotiable, why not cover imperfections while hydrating and nourishing at the same time?

  3. W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Mascara ($22): The best natural mascara on the market. Hands down. Period. End of sentence!


Weather, work, or your personal life got you down?  A glowing visage will perk you right up.

  1. Vapour Stratus Soft Focus Instant Skin Perfector ($56) is like photoshop for your skin.  You’ll instantly have a smoother and more luminous visage.

  2. Tata Harper Very Illuminating ($40) imparts glow in an easy to apply formula that gets where you want it to and nowhere else, unlike some of its messy liquid counterparts.  

  3. Josie Maran Argan Lip Sting Plumping Butter ($23) hydrates and enhances your lips in the most non-Kylie way possible.




  1. Juice Beauty Flawless Serum Foundation ($42) offers full coverage while also imparting an age-defying serum.  Talk about double-duty!

  2. Beautycounter Lip Sheer ($30) in scarlet is a perfect sheer red, and since it is buildable it is easy to apply without precision.

  3. RMS Beauty Cream Eye Polish ($28): A full eye takes time and effort to apply, whereas this eye polish can be dabbed on with your finger for instant drama.


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Why The Number On the Scales Doesn't Really Matter

Posted by Amina AlTai on

I don't know about you, but from a very early age I was taught to be fixated with a number on the scales. From doctors visits, to annual check-ins in gym class, to my own mother corralling me to the fear-inducing device once a week to "keep an eye on my weight," I really began to loathe that thing at a very early age.  And according to them, that number said a lot about me.  

As I got older and developed a healthier relationship with my body and began to understand my unique needs, I became less afraid of the scales and more curious.   What was behind this number?  What did it mean for me? And what I realized is that our "weight" overall doesn't really tell us much.  So if that's all you're looking at, do me a favor and throw away your scales today.  

As a health coach, countless clients have come to me to lose weight.  They're upset that they're working out harder but the numbers on the scale doesn't change and in some cases goes the other way.  There can be a few reasons that happens, but when it does, you have to ask yourself, what does this overall number mean?

Our weight is a compilation of body fat, muscle mass, water weight and more.  So when you see the numbers on the scales increase, it doesn't necessarily mean you got fatter.  To dig more into this, let's have a little biology lesson, shall we?

Body Fat percentage & Body Fat Mass: Body Fat Percentage is the proportion of fat to the total body weight. Body Fat Mass is the actual weight of fat in your body.

Visceral Fat: Visceral fat is located deep in the core abdominal area, surrounding and protecting the vital organs.  This tends to increase with age and can cause more fat around the abdomen.  

Muscle Mass: The predicted weight of muscle in your body.  This includes the skeletal muscles, smooth muscles such as cardiac and digestive muscles and the water contained in these muscles. Muscles act as an engine in consuming energy.

Total Body Water: Total Body Water is the total amount of fluid in the body expressed as a percentage of total weight.  Over half of our body weight is water and it helps to regulate temperature and eliminate waste.  The amount each of us needs varies from day to day depending on climate and amount of physical activity.  

So now that we see that the number on the scale is pointing to more than fat, we can better understand our make up and how we need to respond with diet and exercise.  

When my clients say they've gained weight, the first thing I ask them to do is get a new scales like the 1byOne Digital Smart Scale.  It will show you everything from body fat, to muscle mass to bone mass.  If, for example, a client speaks of weight gain but we see their muscle mass has increased and fat has decreased, this is healthy weight gain (as long as fat mass doesn't dip too low).  If we see that fat has stayed the same, but water weight has increased, this is a good indication that there could be other issues at play such as hormonal fluctuations, or even food sensitivities.  

One of the best ways, in conjunction with a smart scale, to keep accurate tabs on your weight is to measure your waistline with a tape measure (where your natural waistline is—just above your navel).  This will give you an indication as to whether or not you are gaining fat mass.  This isn't fool proof either as it doesn't account for bloating.  

So, the moral of the story is, that the number on the scales is a complex one.  It's not as simple as fat or thin.  And it's important to know your measurements behind your total weight to ensure that your fat mass and muscle mass are staying within healthy range as is your bone density.  They are markers of overall health, but certainly not a measure of self-worth.  Use the numbers to learn more about your body and how it reacts to changes in diet and exercise—but never it be your whole story.  You're more than just a number.  

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