4 Health & Wellness Gadgets You Need Now

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Clearly stating the obvious, but technology makes our lives a whole lot easier. And not just when it comes to figuring out which train to take, or getting visual inspo on Instagram. There are all sorts of smart products out there that are made to improve your health and wellness! Here are five cool tech gadgets designed to improve your life that you need to know about...

Mira Fitness Bracele

No offense to the Fitbit, but the Mira Fitness bracelet is a more fashion forward (and savvy!) way to track your activity. It can basically pass for jewelry and looks great stacked with other accessories or as part of a bangle party. This way you can know how much you are moving without being overly obvious about it. The smart bracelet gets to know your personal fitness style and sends you healthy boosts that'll help keep you on track. 

Lumo Activewear

Lumo is awesome activewear that not only tracks your movement, but offers real time audio coaching, personalized exercises and shares data based on five biomechanics metrics. All this intelligence is built right into the lining of Lumo shorts and capris. Clothing is getting much smarter, that's for sure! 

Jawbone UP Wristband

Getting a goodnight sleep is KEY when it comes to keeping up with a rigorous schedule, and a demanding, active lifestyle. Your body needs time to recover in order to maintain reasonable levels of energy on the regs. The Jawbone UP wristband monitors your sleep cycles, sharing info on how much deep and light sleep you're getting each night, how many times you woke up, and also wakes you up in the morning with gentle vibrations (much more pleasant than a loud, buzzing alarm). The new Jawbone UP app allows you to track diet and exercise and provides information on how these things are effecting your sleeping cycles. 


You all know that you should be drinking at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Especially if you are active and regularly getting your sweat on. Not so easy to keep up with for the busy gal or guy on the go, but it is extremely important. The GYENNO cup is a clever little gadget that allows you to set daily water goals, and vibrates to remind you when it's time to sip on some H2O. Not only that but it displays the date and time, weather, water temperature, drinking progress and alerts you when it's ready for a thorough wash! Quite convenient, I'd say. 

Also, there are loads of great apps out there that can contribute to a healthier lifestyle for under $5, if you are looking to make some positive moves on a budget. Click here for 7 of Amina's favorite beauty & wellness apps to download now! 


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