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Whether you've been working for years on that hot beach body, or are just now embarking on the exciting journey toward becoming a happier, healthier you, we all deserve to look and feel great in what we wear. The first step toward clothing confidence is being comfortable in your own skin, so eat well don't neglect your fitness regimen! Understanding your body type and complimentary colors are also two important factors to consider when it comes to making fashion decisions. That being said, there's no such thing as having too many tricks up your sleeve, so here are a few body-slimming style tips for a flattering and fashionable for summer. 

Wrap It Up

You likely already know this one, but the wrap dress is a quintessential classic that will never fail you. Diagonal lines, natural pleating (in all the right places), and a tied up waist will visually slim down your midsection. Diane von Furstenberg knew what she was doing in designed this timeless style staple...one which every woman should own!

The Monochrome Method

Wearing all black is undeniably a figure friendly move. It's also the oldest trick in the book (and not the most exciting).  Add a little flair by picking a color that works for you, and COMMIT! When your top and bottom match, your figure becomes a vertical line, creating a tall and slender appearance as a result. High-waisted, wide leg trousers or a chic pencil skirt, paired up with a fitted blouse, are two easy options to try. 

Be On Point

Heels with a pointed toe will make your legs look longer, narrowing down your figure as a result. First of all, adding a few inches is an obvious solution, but a round toe, in contrast, will cut off the elongation that enhances this slimming effect. Therefore, a pointy toe is the way to go. 

Show Some Skin

Wearing an off-the-shoulder top/dress or rocking the inverted triangle shape of a v-neck will draw attention upward, and away from your waistline. People's eyes will naturally be directed toward the collarbone area (and your pretty face)! Summer is the season to be a tad more revealing, so get a little adventurous and take the plunge. Just avoid going overboard on the boobage and keep in mind that oftentimes, less is more. 

Belt It Up

When it is hot outside, naturally we're drawn to dresses that are light and airy. Whether its a sheer beach coverup or a loose-fit maxi, summer styles tend to be more flowy than they are structured, for the sake of comfort and practicality. Cinch accordingly by adding a skinny belt that'll accentuate your waist and show off your figure in a more flattering manner. Let's face it, nobody looks good in a muumuu!

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