Hit the Holiday Party without Tipping the Scale

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When mid-November hits, we just can’t shake the festive feeling. The air we breathe starts to taste a little like cinnamon, before becoming perfectly peppermint. From Friendsgiving to Thanksgiving, Christmas to Hannukah and all in between, the social calendar tends to fill up quickly. Holiday parties are about good company, even better food, and champagne dreams… but how do we indulge without, well, creating a bulge? We’ve got the tips to keep you feeling fresh and healthy, so you’re shining inside and out when it comes time to shimmy into your sparkling New Years outfit.

Eat Before You Go Out: The key to holiday party success? Never arrive with a grumbling stomach! Before you go out, have a delicious honeycrisp apple or half of a banana with a scoop of your favorite nut butter, it’s the best way to avoid becoming an app table fixture. If you’re hungry already, after the cocktails start flowing the chips and dip are unavoidable- a healthful little snack is the helper you need.

 Drink Up! (Water): Water is the solution to so many of our questions about health. We recommend getting your fix before you go out and having a glass in between adult beverages. Your next day self will thank you also, there’s nothing spirited about a gnarly hangover.

 Bring Your Own: ‘Tis the season for potluck dinners! Depending on your go-to crew, there may or may not be a selection of healthful options on the table. We say it’s okay to be the girl with the greens, someone else will have the mashed potatoes covered! When building your plate, keep it veg and protein centric, then add in your grains, followed by a little sweet treat of course.

 Stay Mindful: If you ask us, it’s just wrong not to let yourself enjoy the tastiest of decadent sides, smooth desserts, and memorable mains… BUT it’s important not to let a “vacation mentality” take over all season long. When it comes to staying healthful, it’s important to stay moderate and mindful. A slice of pie? Fantastic. Half the pie when you return from your friend’s champagne fueled cocktail party? Not so good. Family time can also be stressful, triggering the tendency to eat your anxiety away. Remember to take a deep breath, or try one of these meditation practices to keep cool and collected. No turkey is worth fretting over!

Dance it Out: Sure, you may miss a few cardio classes this winter season, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep moving! Crank up the tunes in your bedroom, or be the first one to bust a move at the party… it’s the most fun calorie burn around.

Now let’s party! 

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