The Wonders of Lemon Detox Water

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Chances are you've been hearing about the miracle effects of the simple little concoction, consisting of just two easy ingredients: hot water and lemon (yep, that's it). As a long-time fan of this easy peasy beverage, let me tell's more than just a fad. It's hard to believe that drinking what we've labeled "Lemon Detox Water" can have so many benefits, given it's simplicity...but it actually works wonders. 

Hydrating is important - that one's a given. But warming up your H20 and squeezing a bit of lemon does a whole lot more than add some zestful flavor. People are swearing by this stuff (if you are a celeb buff, word on the street is Miranda Kerr and Emily Weiss are two beauties who have hopped onboard), and not without reason! 

We recommend kickstarting each morning with Lemon Detox Water to fire up your digestive track. It was a crucial part of our recent 21-Day Group Cleanse, and all of our lovely members were raving about it in no time. Most of them said it made cutting out caffeine WAY easier than anticipated. Seriously, even die-hard coffee drinkers found it to be quite invigorating after a few days, so don't knock it 'til you try it! 

But it's more than a citrusy body booster - there are plentiful health benefits that come with drinking this stuff:

  • ALL NATURAL COLD AND FLU FIGHTER: Sure Airborne and Emergen-C are great and all, but Lemon Detox Water is filled with vitamin C and flavonoids, making it a super clean way to kick these common, annoying ailments.
  • LIVER DETOXIFIER: While we are not advocates for binge drinking (and recommend keeping alcohol to a limit in general), the citric acid contained in lemons helps break down food, allowing your liver to do less work. So if you've had a few too many, or happen to be a regular wine drinker, help your body out by making a habit of sipping up every morning, and give your vital organs a break. 
  • ALLERGY ALLEVIATION: If you suffer from allergies, the beverage can be especially helpful! Lemons contain a the phytonutrient hesperetin which, studies show, can reduce annoying allergy symptoms like sneezing, itchy throat and the sniffles. 
  • GLOWING SKIN: Let's be real, we all long for a perfect complexion. While it may take a bit more than a mouth-puckering fruit to diminish flaws and make your skin glow bright as a lightbulb, Lemon Detox Water is a tremendous place to start. Vitamin C works helps fight those free radicals, assisting in skin purification and diminishing wrinkles. Also, give this stuff a whirl! Also, rose water spray is another beautifying product we swear by.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of Lemon Detox Water. It has been said to aid with diabetes, eye disorders, gall and kidney stones...even cancer. And the list goes on. So sip up, buttercups! You won't regret it.  

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