Tips And Tricks Looking & Feeling Rested When Sleep Is Not An Option

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Sleep is super important - and yes, that's a FACT. You cannot function at full capacity without it, and are more efficient when you establish to a solid regimen. This is common knowledge. However, unfortunately, when you live a busy lifestyle an appropriate amount of rest is oftentimes out of the cards. Whether it's a deadline, a red eye flight, jet lag, one night stand, or stress (that wicked witch that haunts us all), we have "those days". However, we are still expected to perform -- which involves looking and feeling lucid and putting on our game face. 

Some tips and tricks to fake waking up when you haven't had enough rest, whatever the reason. 

  • Drink a ton of water! Like, TONS. Staying hydrated is key for keeping your body functioning properly. Especially if you were on a flight or had any alcohol the night before, as both will cause major dehydration. So take in that h2o like nobody's business!
  • Cold showers work wonders. If you are fighting against the morning chill, take a hot shower and crank it to cold just before hopping out. It may not feel like a super fun idea at the time, but it'll get your blood flowing! 
  • Eye drops will save your life...and your look. Just try and avoid mainstream brands like Visine and Clear Eyes (or save them for "special occasions" if you have a big meeting or presentation and don't want to be bloodshot). They can actually become addictive and have some gnarly ingredients. Opt for natural lubricants like Refresh Tears or Similasan Complete.
  • Keep a therapeutic spa gel eye bead ice pack in the fridge and wrap that around your face to soothe any excess puffiness before applying your makeup! 
  • Prep for a perfect complexion by maintaining a solid skincare regimen. Favorite life-changing product of the moment is exO moisturizer. It is a responsive formulation that heralds a major biotech innovation, super-serving skin with next-gen natural ingredients like Noni Oil and Kombu + 150 million Zen3 exosomes that pair and partner with your unique biology at the cellular level for skin that's oh so glowy!  It's basically an ongoing wakeup-call. It makes you look GOOD. 
  • Peppermint oil or products like Origins Peace of Mind "On The Spot" cream are amazing because they have a calming, aromatherapeutic affect, but wake you up at the same time! Win-win situation. 
  • Find some good tunes to carry you through the day. I recommend Destiny's Child Radio on Pandora or the "Creativity Boost" playlist on Spotify.
  • If you find yourself feeling drowsy, opt for a ginger shot instead of a cup of coffee. Not only will it awaken your senses with its powerful flavor, but it is great for digestion but they also support your immune system in a huge way. 

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