Thanks to Daily Harvest, Mornings Just Got Way Better

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At BHH we believe you can make every day a kick-ass day if you have the right ingredients.  So you can imagine our pure joy when we came across the disruptive wellness start-up, Daily Harvest!  As the name suggests, they provide frozen, ready-to-blend smoothie ingredients in pre-portioned cups using only organic, non-GMO ingredients.  The nutritionist and chef designed blends read as who's-who's of superfoods, favorite veggies and seasonal fruits so you're sure to get your daily kale fix and much much more.  The best part?  They are absurdly delicious.  Don't judge but I may have double-fisted the Wake & Cake and the Matcha Colada...because, why not?

Whether you’re a wellness junkie, the busiest business innovator, neither or both, Daily Harvest is set to power your unique and energy-full day.  The beautifully packaged to-go cups (because who has time to sit still?) come in packs of 6, 12 and 18 and start at $47.94...a small price to pay to cross smoothies off your meal-prep list.  You can mix and match with any of their 14 flavors and you can add your own milk, coconut water and additional superfood boosters to make them your own.  But, we love them just as they are.  

Ready to make your morning routine even healthier and happier?  Get yours today at


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